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Serene - 3 Piece

This tea-pink look combines solids, pinstripes and print in an unexpected way to create a three-piece look that is truly glamorous. The lightweight dobby fabric used in this look adds to the bohemian vibe of this ensemble.

Product Detail
Unstitched 3-Piece
Dyed Embroidered Dobby Shirt Front 0.85 m
Dyed Dobby Shirt Back & Sleeve 1.65 m
Embroidered Border 1 m

Color: Pink
Fabric: Dobby

Printed Cotton Trouser 2.5 m

Color: Pink
Fabric: Cotton 

Digital Printed Viscose Chiffon Dupatta 2.5 m

Color: Green
Fabric: Viscose Chiffon

Style Note
Kimono sleeves and straight trousers are the recommended stitching for this look.


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