Liquid Eyeshadow

What is liquid eyeshadow?
Liquid shadows are pigment in an easy-to-apply liquid form. The texture isn't quite as thick as cream eyeshadows, but it goes on smoother than powder shadows and can be fully blended in just a few seconds. Despite its liquid form, it dries quickly when applied to eyelids and is shimmery.
How to use it?
Apply directly on eyelids using the doe foot applicator. Leave the eyeshadow on its own or blend with finger tips or Sapphire’s brush, if required.
How many shades are there?
It comes in two colors: Sequins and Cherry Blossom.
Does it need an eye primer?
No, it does not need an eye primer unless you have an intense discoloration, then you can use any base to keep the eyeshadow to standout more.
Does it crease?
No, it does not crease.
Can we use it on top of an eyeshadow?
Yes, to make your eyes really standout, liquid eyeshadow can be used on top of an eyeshadow, in the center of the eyelid area.
How can I choose my color?
If you want bronzy look go for Sequins; it looks great during the day or at night. Cherry Blossom is slight towards dark pink, it looks great on fair tones.
Is it halal?
It is vegan, which means that the product has no animal residue or fat.