Across the world, October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It is among the most common cancers worldwide, and the one most prevalently found in women. SAPPHIRE has consistently demonstrated its unwavering commitment to raising awareness about Breast Cancer in Pakistan and passionately advocates for women's empowerment.

In this year’s Pinktober initiative, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center, reinforcing our dedication to this noble cause. Read along to explore more about our purpose, and what we aim to bolster from this collective impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Beyond the Pink: An Initiative of Hope

Every year an unfortunate toll of over 40,000 women succumb to death due to this largely treatable, if detected early disease, cancer. The time has come to take on the responsibility to transform these statistics into stories of survival. Our latest initiative ‘The Pink Edit’ aims to raise breast cancer awareness and show solidarity with all those affected.

From captivating hues of pink to soft pastels, our entire collection is an ode to femininity, strength and compassion. The primary aim just like the pink ribbon purpose, is to advocate the message of supporting breast cancer prevention and making a substantial difference.

SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women

Explore our thoughtfully curated collection in various colours of pink and make your style a solidarity statement. Wear these shades, knowing that your fashion choices reflect your commitment to making a difference as sale proceeds will be donated to the hospital, SKMCH.

Stories of Survival and Triumph

This year, let’s unite and promise to turn sorrow into hope by passionately supporting the cause of Pink Edit and Pink Ribbon Pakistan which signifies the need to be vocal about breast cancer awareness. We must break the silence, dispelling it as a taboo and turn the tide, fostering greater understanding about breast cancer and, hence, greater treatment chances.

How to Support Pink Ribbon Shaukat Khanum X SAPPHIRE?

In order to make a contribution and support this cause, SAPPHIRE in collaboration with SKMCH has introduced an exclusive collection featuring an array of pink-only products under the highlighted tab of The Pink Edit.

By purchasing from this especially curated collection, you are contributing to a wider cause and increasing the overall survival rate. It's like a ripple effect, where each purchase made will be aiding in the treatment of those in need, and creating increased awareness among others.

Shop From ‘The Pink Edit’

By browsing online and shopping from The Pink Edit, you are not only elevating your personal style but your choice is making a tangible way of creating an impact.

Make a difference, one purchase at a time and play your part as sale proceeds collected from this collection will be donated to Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Center aiding in treatment for those in need.

SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women
SAPPHIRE’s Pink Edit Collection for Women

The collection not only brings two piece and three-piece eastern wear options but also includes products from various different categories. Throughout the month of October, various new products will continuously be added. Our broad spectrum of choices will allow everyone to incorporate pink into their daily lives while contributing to something meaningful.

Join The Fight to Help Save Lives!

Let us stand united in this mission of combatting breast cancer! With your support, we can bring the promise of hope to those in need. Learn more about this initiative by visiting the SAPPHIRE online store or by exploring the Shaukat Khanum Website to stay updated. Make a meaningful impact this year by playing your part!