Sapphire Launches

Ready to Wear

Fashion Line 2022


Sustainability and fashion are two words right off from fashion runways and fashion streets. The apparel industry is turning over a new chapter, a chapter where fashion must sustain, ready to wear dresses and readymade clothing must last longer. Apparel production must limit the impact on the environment but must also keep up with the latest dress designs and not compromise on shalwar kameez designs, 3 piece suit, 2 piece. The question is what is sustainability and why fashion designers and brands are going crazy after it? Is it a new trend, a FAD or a seasonal wave that’ll just pass by? The answer is no.


Sustainability is the key to living, to saving our planet from catastrophic consequences and to curb climate change. It is a lifestyle, a need and a responsibility towards our planet and our future generation. Let us make wise choices with our summer clothing this season.

Sustainable Ready to Wear Dresses


A few years ago, it was impossible to think that clothes could be used to make more clothes. However, it has become the need of the hour. Sapphire launches summer clothing and ready to wear dresses in various dress designs paired with dupatta designs and trouser designs curated with sustainable means and processes in attempts to pursue fashion and style hand in hand. They are high quality, chic and talk of the town!

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Key Features of Sustainable
RTW Summer Clothing

Use of Repurposed Fabric

Sapphire introduces the use of repurposed fabric along with use of pre and post fabric waste to create thread for future readymade clothing collections. The aim is to reduce the burden on the finite resources of the nation and reduce the usage of cotton which as per research erodes soil and affects forestry and wildlife. By reusing clothes and apparel for future production of summer clothes for women, Sapphire further aims to reduce textile waste of cotton. If you’re wondering about the quality of thread, here’s an insight. The thread generated has high quality which is used to curate designs and cuts that represent ever-lasting styles to make you look elegant at any soiree.


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Water Efficient Production

Following the mantra “reduce and reuse”, Sapphire aims to work efficiently in conserving water. Pakistan is a water stressed country therefore conserving and saving water is our main priority. Textile industry is amongst the largest sectors to use large amounts of water. Therefore, to reduce consumption, the technique and processes used in the production facility involve reusing used water for cleaning and production processes. Step by step, Sapphire aims to completely sustain the production process for a green and prosperous future.

Keeping in mind the changing weather, from scorching heat to sticky humid monsoon, opt for basic lawn clothing and ready to wear dresses in cool summer hues to bid the season farewell. A plain A-line silhouette with minimalistic lace or embroidery details can be used to create a fancy elegant look or a simple casual look. Pair a white A line silhouette with a colorful dupatta and high heels or keep it basic with a shalwar and khussas for an everyday crisp look.


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Choose Sustainable Fashion!

The world of fashion is changing and changing for the good. The actions taken today will help our future generations to live a better and healthy life. It’s time, fashion designers and high-end brands bid adieu to fast fashion and welcome sustainable fashion and trends. Will sustainable fashion be boring and basic? The answer is no. It’s the beginning and sustainable means of production will help curate various ready to wear dresses designs and patterns to make lawn clothing lines stand out. If sustainable fashion has to work, producers and consumers both need to make wise choices.


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Independence Day Special

Sapphire’s sustainable ready to wear line has something for everyone. This Independence Day opt for sustainably produced readymade summer clothing imbued in a hue of patriotism. Opt for a green A-line kameez deisgn or an off-white hued silhouette. Pair them with classic shalwar or culottes to celebrate your love for your country. Complement the look with a statement teal tote bag from Sapphire’s women’s bags collection.


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