Sapphire’s Ultimate Summer 2023 Playlist

We have playlists curated for each of your summer moods, guaranteed to add some sunshine to your week.

Its March already, which means summer is right on the brim and considering the havoc summertime brings along, we have specifically curated a Spotify playlist of all the feel-good songs for every mood of yours. These playlists are bound to make you groove while you’re driving, having a fun day out with friends, having sleepovers, taking a stroll in the park and so forth. These playlists are like time capsules of the mood you are in and with these playlists, some extra sunshine is irrefutably to be added to your life. In collaboration with some of our most trust worthy people with profound taste in music we have created several playlists that will make you feel riveted!

Summer Karaoke

Some songs are simply nostalgic and remind us of summer time and encapsulate the feeling of summer wistfulness. Making a summer playlist is crucially painstaking and trying to keep up with the latest music trends is even more miserable. Our summer karaoke playlist in collaboration with Humna Raza is a sweet ode to summertime with unobtrusive list of top songs curated specifically for the summer season for a summer karaoke with your favorite girls. With the sun shining in the background and the air filled with sounds of laughter and adventure celebrate the season with the best songs about summer, from old time classics to modern hits, the playlist truly renders the essence of the season.

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Summer Vibes

Summer season is all about upbeat music where just can’t help but tap your feet along the symphony of tunes. Just like your favorite outfit, your favorite music is extremely essential to make your day. With the incoming summer breezes, and temperatures slowly rising, our summer playlist is perfect to bring some calm to your life and for new music discovery. The playlist feels like a symphony of old summer tales retold with the best Pakistani music of today. Enjoy our playlist specifically curated for you to revel in this season with trending artists.

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Road Trip Vibe

Picking up the right music for a road trip can definitely pack up some pressure. With the long journey ahead, you certainly don’t want to listen to tedious, repetitive music that is literally derivative and makes the entire journey irksome. This road trip playlist in collaboration with Minahil Ali is your ultimate soundtrack for the summer. Hit the road with your best friends while your favorite tracks blasting in the background, planning fun stops in between is one of the best ways to make summer memories. If you want to satiate your need your need for day-tripping then check out our ultimate road trip playlist curated according to global trends report and get ready for a fun drive.

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Soft Summer Mornings

Sometimes a slow start to the morning is just what is needed to feel rejuvenated and invigorated. Unwind and start off your mornings with our playlist curated in collaboration with Anushae Khan which is perfect for lounging in your favorite little nook, or peacefully doing your morning skincare away from the outside clamor and even enjoying your morning cup of coffee or while you’re making breakfast and even whilst picking up your outfit of the day. With some classic soft music playing in the background, make your mornings more mellow and comfortable while humming away to the tunes of summer.

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Sunset Tea Time

The months of summer have a lot to offer. With the summer evenings slightly getting cooler, being able to spend some time outdoors, away from the scorching heat is always enjoyable. Having afternoon tea just before the sun set, with chirping birds sailing in the air and squeaking sounds of birds filling the air the atmosphere is impeccable. During this time, you just want to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. So, whether you are at home or at office, listening to some calming music is extremely important. Enjoy your tea time with this playlist specifically curated with Naiha. Dressed up in the most comfortable attire while soaking in the cooler rays of light, this Spotify playlist is simply perfect to officially call it a day.

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Party Mix

In summers, annual parties, meet-ups and social gatherings gain a steady momentum. The social life begins to buzz with regular invites and hangouts with friends and colleagues. In the midst of this having good company and even better music is extremely important. Our part mix by Maham Yaqub playlist includes bops which will make you want to sway with the beats and whirl to the sounds of music. The upbeat and groovy tunes are perfect for all your parties and even if you are having a night in with all your besties and decide to have at home soiree. Well, check out our entire playlist, which is a dandy sonnet for the summertime assembled with top songs.

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Upbeat Evenings

Happy summer evenings at home require listening to wonderous music. While the trail of daily work might exhaust many of us, our playlist is curated to make you feel ecstatic about summertime. If you are looking to unwind after a long work day at college, office spaces and anywhere else, then this playlist curated in collaboration with Naimal Khawar Khan is just what you need. Including multiple electro-pop genres of music with leading artists from across, spend your evenings feeling rejuvenated.

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Beachy Vibes

Is there anything better then listening to your favorite music while enjoying your time on the beach? Maybe, the feeling of being on the beach without actually going nowhere. Our playlist in collaboration with Urooj Fatima captures that feeling perfectly, making you feel like you are on a whirlwind of emotions enjoying the breezy air, by the ocean on a sunny Sunday. Check out the entire playlist and listen to all your favorites on loop.

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Summer Serenity

The smell of blossoming flowers, the blooming new leaves flaring the surroundings with lush greenery, and the old crisp fallen leaves bring back a moment of serene summer nostalgia. Sometimes slowing things down and living in the moment is more important, specially when you are always surrounded by a flutter of activity. The summer serenity playlist instills a sense of calm and the beauty of nothingness. Made in collaboration with Nyla Rajah the playlist is perfect to begin the mornings with a slow start.

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The summer season is all about having fun, making wholesome memories and enjoying your favorite music. And just like the playlists we have curated; our entire Lawn Volume 1 Collection is an ode to summer time as well. With vivid and radiant prints merged with ravishing colorways the entire collection explores symphony of colours for every mood of yours. Dressed up in your best-loved attire, and listening to some of your favorite music, spend your summers feeling euphoric.