Summer Bedroom Decor Ideas: 6 Tips to Refresh Your Space

6 Easy Ways to Update Your Bedroom for Summer Season

Summer season calls for a breezy home space! Rising temperature, heat waves and the scorching sun leaves us with little choice but to make instant changes to our lifestyle that can help us beat the heat. Air conditioning and cooling systems are simply not enough especially in a geographical location such as Pakistan.

Therefore, when we spend ample amount of time, energy and money in upgrading our wardrobe to breezy summer outfits, it is essential to upgrade your home space with changing seasons too. It helps in adjusting to the weather and makes the shift smooth.

For summer season, it is essential to keep your home clean, less crowded and simple. Here we bring to you 6 tips to focus on your bedroom to make it more breathable, calming and refreshing amidst the heat.

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1. Floral Bed Sheets

First things first, summer season calls for floral patterned bed sheets. This season, revamp your space with dainty patterned bed sheets in pastel hues or if you like loud patterns and prints then opt for floral patterns in exaggerated themes. Flowers be it original or illustrated, they bring a sense of calmness and freshness to the ambiance. Explore SAPPHIRE’S range of floral bed sheets and elevate your room now!


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2. Calming Pillowcases

If you cannot get a good night sleep, then you might want to reevaluate your bedroom décor choices. Ambiance of the bedroom matters and can impact your sleeping routine. For a goodnight, calming sleep you might want to skip the cotton pillowcases and opt for silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases not just aid in a good night sleep but also are beneficial for your hair. Silk pillowcases reduce tangling of your hair strands and leaves you with thick and strong strands. So when looking for ideas to revamp your bedroom space, do purchase silk pillowcases.


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3. Summer Spreads

Nothing beats a classic summer bed spread. If you are really in a need to beat the heat then we suggest that you skip the prints and patterns and opt for classic solid white bed sheets and bed spreads. The classic and clean linens can instantly elevate your room and can give them the vibe of a hotel suite. If you feel white can be too tricky to keep clean, then you may opt for other solid colours in pastel shades. Lighter shades are perfect for summer season.


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4. Less is More

The best advice anyone can give you for the heated season ahead is to pack up any extra things lying around. Reduce the crowd in your bedroom by cleaning the room of any extra and unnecessary home décor items and create more breathing space. Amongst the crowd that you can reduce includes unnecessary decoration items on your dressing, books lying around, rugs etc. You may want to empty your site tables to give a chicer and more modern look. Replace them with flowers, plants and floor cushions to keep it minimal and breezy.


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5. Mirrors

A great addition to your bedroom space is mirrors! Hop on the bandwagon of exotic and crafty mirror pieces and give your bedroom the makeover it deserves. Mirrors make your room look bigger and brighter hence they make the perfect addition to your space. Online shopping has made it easier to explore a variety of items before picking the one that suits your taste.


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6. Scented Candles

Create a calming and soothing ambiance with scented candles. Opt for your favourite scent or opt for citrus scents to make your bedroom smell clean and neat. In case, you want to sit back and relax after a hectic day then opt for a scented candle with lavender notes. Bedroom is your personal space and it should be the most comforting. Utilize the space and the ambiance to set the mood for the next day. Lit a bergamot and chamomile candle in the morning to revitalize you for the day ahead.

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