Summer Trend 2023: All About Men’s Waistcoats

Waistcoat is an iconic piece of clothing that fails to go out of style. If you are seeking to upgrade your wardrobe with a unique and timeless piece then investing in a statement premium quality men’s waistcoat is a great idea. The beauty of a classic well-tailored waistcoat is that it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion you are attending and it will still make you look sharp and crisp. Pakistani fashion designers continuously play around the classic waistcoat to bring about modern and contemporary suit designs and waistcoat designs for men. While nothing beats a classic and conventional waistcoat over gents shalwar kameez design, the modern waistcoat design paired with crisp pants is a refreshing wave in fashion industry.

We bring to you a complete guide entailing everything you need to know about buying a perfect waistcoat design. First things first, you need to know that online shopping in Pakistan has made it easier to shop for waistcoats and gents shalwar kameez design. Even if you do not have time to visit your nearest store or mall be it Packages mall, Dolmen mall or Giga mall, you need not worry, shop online with a click of a button from SAPPHIRE’S Men’s Stitched Waistcoats Collection and get latest waistcoat designs delivered at your doorsteps.

Summer Fabrics

With summer season peaking, it is best to buy waistcoats that suit best for this season. It is essential to be aware and well-informed of the fabrications so that your shopping does not go to waste. While some believe waistcoats are a style to be worn in the winter season, we disagree. Waistcoats are timeless and can be worn at any day of the year, you just have to pick the right fabrication. For summer season, we recommend selecting light-weight fabric that is breezy and will not make you sweat. Top contenders of the list are as follows.

1. Cotton Schiffli

2. Cotton

3. Tropical

4. Wash & Wear

Men wearing eastern wear & waistcoats.
Men wearing eastern wear & waistcoats.
Men wearing eastern wear & waistcoats.

Uplift gents suit design with men’s waistcoats.

Types of Waistcoats

- Basic

A single shade waistcoat is usually referred to a basic waistcoat which has no to minimal add-ons. Basic or simple waistcoats are a timeless piece of clothing which every man must have in their wardrobe. Especially a basic waistcoat in classic colours such as white, black and blue are the colours that every man must indeed have in their wardrobe. These colours pair well with almost all sorts of gents shalwar kameez designs.

- Embroidered

Pakistani clothing brands have launched embroidered waistcoats that are all the hype right now. While some seem skeptical of the stitched waistcoat designs with embroidered patches, detailing and borders, others seem to don it with utmost style. Embroidery detailing elevates the complete outlook and are an exceptional choice for wearing at weddings.

- Digital Printed

Another hot trend in the world of waistcoats is digitally printed waistcoats. Fashion designers have launched a versatile range of prints and patterns that look graceful and sharp. Our personal favourite are delicate patterns that almost look like texture. They look exceptional when paired with simple kurta design for men.

Men wearing waistcoats
Men wearing waistcoats
Men wearing waistcoats

Pair a boski suit with men’s waistcoat for an elevated style.

How to Style your Waistcoat?

• Kurta Trouser

Styling can be tricky and we agree, hence we bring to you style advise that has not gone out of style for centuries. Sticking to basics can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. While today’s fashion world and brands in Pakistan aspire to be unique and quirky, we believe sometimes old remains gold. Every age has its own grace and not all styles are for all body types. Therefore, we always advocate sticking to a style that suits your body type the best. If you are tall with petite legs then we recommend you to style yourself in gents kurta design paired with a trouser design. Don over a waistcoat for ultimate impact.


• Kurta Shalwar

If pants and trouser design makes you uncomfortable, which is always a complaint we come across, then opt for salwar design. They are loose fitted, breezy and the most comfortable piece of clothing. Waistcoat over a gents shalwar kameez design is definitely a timeless look!

Men wearing shalwar kameez with waistcoat
Men wearing shalwar kameez with waistcoat
Men wearing shalwar kameez with waistcoat

For a dapper look pair gents kurta design with gents waistcoat.

When to Style your Waistcoat?

- Dinner

Styling can be tricky if you do not know the anatomy of what pairs well with what. While fashion is not tricky being fashionable can be. Therefore, we suggest you to stick to basics when in doubt. Waistcoat design is a simple statement piece with many advantages. This single piece of clothing can be styled differently for various occasions. If you wonder where and how to style it then consider styling a crisp waistcoat for a formal dinner. Opt for a lighter shade of gents kurta design paired with a matching trouser design and don a darker shade of waistcoat in the similar colour family or vice versa.


- Official Meeting

Waistcoats give a formal look and the wearer automatically stands out. Therefore, wearing waistcoats for an official meeting is a good idea. The outfit will make you look and feel confident and give you the courage boost to ace your meeting. Pair same shade waistcoat over gents shalwar kameez design after all one must dress to impress and nothing less.

- Wedding

Who does not like dressing up for a wedding be it your family members or your friends, a waistcoat never goes out of style. For a wedding we advise you to be bold and play with contrasts rather than sticking with the basics. While basics might please in daily life, weddings are all about extravaganza. Opt for digital printed, embroidered or textured waistcoat designs in versatile fabrications or pair a simple waistcoat design over a boski suit.

Men in 3-piece suit
Men in 3-piece suit
Men in 3-piece suit

Online shopping for men’s waistcoats now easy from Pakistani clothing brands.

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