How many variants are there?
We have eleven variants for all skin types, from fair to tan skin tones.
What is the coverage level of the foundation?
It is buildable ranging from light to full coverage, depending upon your usage and desired look.
For which skin type is the foundation suitable for?
It is suitable for all skin types.
What is the finish?
Our foundation gives you a natural to matte finish.
Does this foundation clog or make skin look patchy?
No, it doesn’t make your skin patchy or make it crack. It will give you a smooth seamless finish.
Does it provide oil control?
Yes, it has oil absorbing agents which will prevent your skin from any oily feel.
How long will the foundation stay?
It is going to stay fresh and seamless throughout the day and with the use to fixing spray in the end, it can stay up to 18 hours.
Is it halal?
It is Vegan- which means that the product has no animal residue or fat.
Can foundation be used as a primer?
No, the application of foundation and primer are different. Primer is recommended to be applied before the foundation to ensure a pore minimizing and seamless finish.
How can I choose the right shade for myself?
Try on just a small droplet on your palm or under your chin.
What is the best way to apply this foundation?
There are various ways to apply a foundation which includes either application using a brush or a blending sponge. You can use both methods and you can also apply it with your hands for a natural look.
Does it oxidize easily?
No, it doesn’t oxidize.
How can I get a dewy finish using this foundation?
After wearing our foundation, finish it by using our illuminating highlighter to get a dewy and radiant look or apply the illuminating highlighter all over face before foundation application.