5 Thoughtful Yet Practical Father’s Day Gift Ideas

One of the trickiest questions in life is to what to get your dad on birthdays and Father’s Day. It is a true dilemma contrary to the emotions we hold yet we fail to express. If you have already gotten your dad the socks, tie, cufflinks, and the number 1 Dad Mug then it is time to think out of the box. You might want to appreciate his love for a new found hobby or look after the small things that matter to him.

It is definitely time to look into his daily routine and find out the things that will suit him best. While we are advocates of every day being a Father’s Day, this international day is just a cherry on top. Celebrate and express your love for him through best gifts for Dad and wholesome gestures.

Pour your heart out, write him a card, or look out for the things he needs but never says them out loud. Here, we preset to you 5 thoughtful ideas for gifts that are practical and he will surely be in the need for. The best part is you do not even have to leave the house to get these- online shopping in Pakistan is reliable, convenient and fast!

For the Old School Small Leather Goods Lovers

Our oldies, are always the tough ones to shop for, we agree! While they are true and stuck to their ways, they hardly like the new trends that fashion designers in Pakistan tend to offer. Pakistani fashion brands offer limited range of menswear leaving us with little to minimal options. Hence on this father’s day, we bring to you old school gifts to charm your fathers.

SAPPHIRE’S range of unstitched suits and gents shalwar kameez design are curated using the finest and premium quality fabrication, the one that our older generation talks about but can’t find in the shops!

Gift them the old school luxury- salwar suit in premium fabrication and tailor it to their fittings from their reliable tailors! Trust us, the smile on their faces will be priceless. Pair a good old classic leather wallet for them with the gents suit design, it would be nothing tech savvy like the e-wallets and that is the best part because we all know they miss the good old leather days! Now this is a great gift!

Summer unstitched fabrics for men
Summer unstitched fabrics for men
Summer unstitched fabrics for men

Summer unstitched fabrics for men now available online!

For the Olfactory Connoisseur

Rather than panicking at the last moment and opting for another tie, it is better to be prepared, find his favourite fragrance that he wears all the time or even better find him a new fragrance for him that he will cherish.

There are things we as kids take for granted and do not realize, it’s the thoughts that matter for our fathers, he will wear the new fragrance that you got for him with pride and every time he wears it his face will beam with love! Get your hands on the dynamic range of classic summer scents offered by SAPPHIRE.

summer fragrances
summer fragrances

Shop summer fragrances for him online!

For the Well-Groomed

If your father loves to dress up and that too in the good old classic way, then this is your chance to gift him a stitched gents kurta shalwar paired with a dapper waistcoat design. Contrary to the myth, that menswear comes in limited designs and colours, SAPPHIRE’S range of Stitched Menswear features a versatile range of colours to shop from. Shop your father’s favourite colour and colour coordinate the waistcoat yourself.

Stitched waistcoat designs
Stitched waistcoat designs

Stitched waistcoat designs paired with gents shalwar kameez design now available online!

For the Cool Dad

This one is for the newly became dads or younger dads with a mini version of themselves. Well, it’s a day to celebrate our unsung heroes and why not colour coordinate your husbands and your sons outfits for a day out! This summer season, we are rooting for light colours and basic kurta shalwar design for men and for boys. You are in luck, SAPPHIRE just launched its Eid Edition featuring Father Like Son collection. Check it out and make it special for your loved ones!

shalwar kameez design
shalwar kameez design

Twin with your little one this Father’s Day in classic gents shalwar kameez design.

For the Workaholic Dads

If your dad loves to work and is always seen rushing to the office and meetings, then it is best to gift them a wardrobe for office. It is hard to keep up with the professional attire all day long hence we recommend you to gift him classic, well-stitched kurta designs that elevates one’s look in seconds. Opt from subtle to dark colours depending upon his likings. A classic kurta design can never go wrong. It would definitely be something that he needs and also something that he will cherish!

Stitched kurta designs
Stitched kurta designs
Stitched kurta designs

Stitched kurta designs, suit designs and trouser designs now available online.

Make it Extra Special for Him with Little Gestures

- Make His Favourite Breakfast

- Plan a Fun Activity Together

- Take Him Out for Dinner

Celebrate Your Love for the Unsung Heroes with Practical Gifts from SAPPHIRE’S Menswear Collection
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