Creating a Spring Space with SAPPHIRE’s Bed Sheets

Spring season brings along fresh air, sun kissed days and a whole new reason to spruce up your space. It is recommended that you change the ambiance of your home in accordance to the season, it makes the space more comfortable and wholesome. Whilst winters are gloomy and we advised you to opt for bright cushion covers, deep toned bed sheets, quilt covers and duvet covers, for spring we recommend the opposite. Opt for floral patterned home décor items in pastel hues that will help you prepare for the summer season. Summers are hot, humid and sweaty therefore, your home space should be spacious, lighter and airy. SAPPHIRE Home brings to you a classic edition of high quality Spring Summer products and bed linen that will suit your home and create a joyful ambiance.

If you are still confused in how to revamp your space or you are new at living alone and find yourself deep in trouble setting up your space, then we have just the thing for you. Tooba here effortlessly portrays the essential steps to making your bed and decorating your space to make it look stylish yet comfortable.

Make Your Bed in 8 Easy Steps by Tooba

1. Clear the bed: The first and most important part before making the bed is to remove any item, product, pillow or whatever may lie on the bed. Clear the bed and leave only the bed sheet that needs to be spread. This helps remove any sort of dirt, particles or germs from the bed. Cleanliness is important as bed is where your body and soul rest and fuel the body for the next day.

2. Put the fitted sheet on: Next step is to put the fitted sheet on. Tuck the elasticated corners of the sheet under the mattress. If needed slightly pick up the edge of the mattress to tuck the sheet. Make sure the sheet is tucked in tightly.

3. Put the top sheet on: Next step is to spread the top sheet. Make sure the sheet set is clean and hand washed not machine washed to retain the quality of the sheet. Then put the side of the sheet with larger hem on top side of the bed, if the sheet is patterned make sure the pattern is facing downwards. Make sure the sheet is spread evenly across the bed with same length of sheet hanging from both sides of the bed.

4. Make hospital corners: If you want your bed to look neat then make hospital corners. It is a tricky part but will make your bed look absolutely classy. To make a hospital corner, tuck the end of the top sheet between the mattress and box springs at the foot of the bed. Grab a piece of the top sheet from the end away from the bed, fold the sheet in a 45 degrees angle on top of the mattress then tuck it neatly under the bed.

5. Place the duvet or comforter on top: Once the sheet has been tucked in neatly then place your duvet covers on top. Spread them evenly across the bed. For an instant set up, you can ditch the top sheet and directly spread the quilt cover set.

6. Fluff the pillows: Then fluff your pillows. To do so squeeze the pillow from the sides and smooth out the pillow. Then place it on the bed. Shop from a range of best pillowcases, silk pillowcases and more from SAPPHIRE.

7. Add the finishing touches: For final touches, if you have any decorative cushions, cotton pillowcases, pillowcases set, teddy bears or the things you keep on bed, place them neatly and your bed is ready!

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Bedding Etiquettes

Bedding etiquettes are necessary and each and everyone of you should be aware. No matter you are newly wed or you are new to living alone, bedding etiquettes are for everyone even children. So learn them, teach them and spread the word. Hygiene is important and you should keep your bed clean. Very less importance is given to this chore or part of life however it is the most crucial as bed is where your body rests for the day. Here are four etiquettes that you should follow as they will help you gain control of your life in the future.

SAPPHIRE’s Bed Sheets
SAPPHIRE’s Bed Sheets

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• Make your bed every morning: This is the most crucial. We sometimes leave our bed as it is which should not be the case. Wake up five minutes early and take charge of your day by making your bed. It will honestly just take five minutes but it will give you the sense of control and power that will help you throughout the day.

• Wash your sheets every week: This is absolutely necessary. Wash your bed sheets every week if possible if not every 1-2 weeks. Bed sheets attract dust and germs which can irritate your skin and cause hinderence in a good night sleep.

• Learn to put the duvet down: In order to make a proper bed, you must learn to put the duvet down. It is not a difficult task but with attention to detail and patience you can master this.

• Mattress Pads are always a good idea: Mattress pads are a sheet that goes over the mattress before the fitted sheet. This protects your mattress from any sort of spillage. Therefore, you do not have to worry about cleaning the mattress.

Try this Out

Uplift your room’s ambiance by lighting up a candle or by adding flowers to a vase. It is the tiny details that enhances the room so what are you waiting for and enliven your space now! Visit your nearest Dolmen mall, Packages Mall or Giga Mall and shop for house decor items.

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