The wedding season in Pakistan calls for moments of celebration, joy, and togetherness which makes it the perfect time to showcase your unique sense of style with SAPPHIRE’s latest clutches and khussas!

While the suit design is undoubtedly the center piece of your ensemble, your choice of accessories play a significant role in elevating your outfit and taking it to the next level by adding a festive touch to the entire look. In Pakistani festive attire, khussas and clutches have carved their own special place; not only do they add a traditional element to the ensemble but they are also extremely comfortable and practical.

In this blog we will explore the history, evolution, and significance of khussas and clutches in festive fashion and how they can be best utilised this wedding season and beyond!

Festive khussas and clutches
Festive khussas and clutches
Festive khussas and clutches
Festive clutches
Festive clutches
Festive clutches
Festive clutches


Small handheld bags that are available in a plethora of hues, fabrics, sizes, and designs, clutches are a must-have item for your festive trousseau, whether you are the bride or the bridesmaid. Let’s explore clutches for the wedding season in more detail.

• History of clutches

A rich history that dates back centuries, clutches were originally used by women to carry essentials such as cosmetics and coins. However, over time clutches have evolved from just being small, handheld bags to fashionable accessories that instantly elevate your look. Today, clutches are made from a variety of materials such as silk, satin, leather, or even velvet, decorated with intricate embroideries and exquisite embellishments that act as unrivaled symbols of feminine elegance.

• Clutches in festive fashion

In the realm of festive fashion, clutches play a pivotal role as they go perfectly with any sort of festive suit design you may have in mind. If you are donning a solid readymade dress design, you can instantly elevate the entire ensemble by pairing it with SAPPHIRE’s embroidered clutches that are a statement piece of their own! Or if you prefer heavily embellished suit designs, a simple lace clutch in a neutral hues would blend in perfectly by making the entire outfit appear more complete. A well-chosen clutch can enhance your look by not only offering style but also functionality since you can carry all your essentials in the safety of the clutch. So, whether you are attending an evening soirée, a winter wedding, or simply a formal office event, clutches will not let you down!

• Types of clutches

SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of Accessories showcase a wide variety of clutches for all your fashion needs. Available in a range of bold and neutrals hues featuring traditional embroideries, shimmering embellishments, and delicate sequins, our clutches can easily be carried from day to night. Spacious enough for all the essentials but compact enough to carry with ease, SAPPHIRE’s clutches are perfect for adding a pop of colour or a touch of glamour to your basic festive look.

• Pairings clutches with festive outfits

Finding the right clutch to pair with your festive suit design is a work of art. When choosing what to opt for, consider the colour, design and material of the clutch and then decide if it goes with the outfit. You could either use a complementary clutch in a different colour to make it stand out or opt for something in the same hue to create a monochromatic impact. Whichever one you choose, remember that the real beauty of a clutch lies in the confidence with which you carry it!

Festive khussas
Festive khussas
Festive khussas
Festive khussas


A keystone of traditional wear, the khussa is a must-have shoe for the wedding season that promises comfort, style, and durability all season long. Let’s explore khussas for the festive season in more detail now.

• History of khussas

A traditional South Asian style of footwear that has been worn for centuries, khussas are known for their unmatched comfort and unique craftsmanship that molds the shoe to your size even more with the passage of time. Typically crafted from leather and decorated with hand embellishments, in the Mughal era khussas were originally worn by the royal court but over time they have evolved to be footwear that can be worn casually and formally by everyone.

• Khussas in festive fashion

Khussas have made a major comeback in the world of fashion, however it can be argued that khussas are a timeless style of footwear that have always been in fashion. An essential part of the festive wardrobe, khussas can be worn with any sort of dress design. Opt for a handcrafted, embellished khussa with a simple solid kurti design to make the khussa the centre piece. Or style a basic plain khussa with an embroidered suit design to keep the look effortlessly elegant. The versatility of khussas means that can be paired with a variety of silhouettes such as lehenga, pishwas, matching separates, kaftans, long frock design, or sarees. You can also create a fusion look by pairing the khussa with a western outfit. Regardless of whatever route you take, khussas are must-have items that are not only extremely comfortable but also add a traditional touch to any look you curate.

• Types of khussas

SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of shoes features a wide variety of khussas to cater to all sorts of festive suit designs. Available in range of classic colours in primarily velvet and satin, embellished with stunning details, our khussas can be worn anywhere by anyone. Padded and extremely comfortable, our khussas are the perfect traditional accessory for wearing for longer periods of time this wedding season.

• Pairings khussas with festive outfits

Shopping for the perfect khussa for the festive season is a time-consuming task. You need to consider the design, colour, and material of the khussa and see if it matches with the suit design you have in mind. You can get a versatile gold or silver option that will go with all your looks or pick out something more specific to wear with your dress design. Choose khussas in a similar colour scheme to keep it classy or opt for a contrasting tone to make the khussa the focal part of the ensemble. Whichever one you wear, remember where shoes are concerned, comfort is key!

Embellished black khussay and clutch


a) Co-ordinate Colours: Opt for khussas and clutches in the same colour or colour family to create a polished appearance.

b) Balance Embellishments: If you are wearing a heavily embellished suit design, opt for a simple khussa and clutch. However, if your look is more understated, opt for an embroidered clutch and khussa.

c) Focus On Comfort & Fit: The most important thing is to make sure that your khussa fits you perfectly and you are able to wear it for long periods of time. Similarly, the clutch should be easy to carry as well. This will make sure that you can easily dance the night away this festive season!

Festive khussay
Festive clutches


An integral part of South Asian festive fashion, clutches and khussas are must-have accessories for your trousseau. Elevate your look with ease by investing in SAPPHIRE’s embellished khussas and clutches today!