Lockdown Breakout Star: Annural Khalid

In celebration of our homegrown talent, SAPPHIRE presents Unplugged Studio Sessions, a series that combines the creativity of music and fashion. Vibe along as we bring exclusive acoustic performances by emerging and established musicians from across the country. Our first session features one of the top breakout female artists from last year, Annural Khalid, who will be playing some of our all-time favorites.

SAPPHIRE, as a women-oriented brand has always believed in empowering women and this initiative is all about acknowledging and appreciating the emerging talent. In the recent years the Pakistani music industry has exponentially grown and may under cover artists have received appreciation and exposure on mainstream levels. Their journeys are inspiring to say the least. With unplugged sessions, the aim is to bring all the female musical artists at the forefront who in recent years have emerged as an undoubted force to be reckoned with. And who through their music have established a persona for themselves. From ground breaking hits to worldwide validation, this is just the beginning for our musical industry and female artists of our country.

Our first collaboration is with Annural Khalid, a budding sensation who has taken the internet world by storm with her astounding voice. What started out as a COVID-19 timepass has now turned as a full-time professional path for her. Her personality exudes immense warmth and comfort and so does her incredible voice. Her songs accentuate multiple feelings and tug your heartstrings therefore you can’t help but hum and sing along to all of her songs.

Her musical journey began via her Instagram by uploading video covers of all her favorite songs. Today, she has released multiple originals of her own and collaborated with renowned different artists. Her musical journey is a representation and extension of her love and passion for music. Annural displays a reserved and introverted persona that is adored by her fans and her covers have received mass public adoration. In the last few years, she has emerged as one of the most listened Pakistani musical artists on different musical platforms. Apart from singing she loves to paint, to abrogate her boredom. Join SAPPHIRE, as we celebrate Annural and her music, as she delivers a special acoustic performance for us

Singing Professionally and Future Plans

Annural loves singing and what started out as a side hobby is now a passion, as she intentionally pursues curating musical melodies that resonate with the younger audience. Her music is melodious and her compositions include some of her originals as well which are vastly popular including Tere Liye and Dil De Bol. She has also stared in music videos for her original song versions.

She is currently pursuing multiple different pathways and hopes to continue to do so for the future. She intently believes that you can always do more than one thing but she definitely wants to pursue music consistently and looks forward to releasing more music in the future. She plans on pursuing singing on a professional level and grow herself both personally and professionally in the future. As an avid fan of Coke Studio, she also intends to be a part sometime in the foreseeable time ahead. She sees music as a creative expression and hopes to make more meaningful and impactful music for her audiences in the long run.

With a long journey ahead of her, Annural is a young musical phenomenon and a beaming source of joy who has a long and an incredible future ahead of her. Her songs are soulful depicting nostalgic euphony and are lyricized with such assonance and sweetness that the listeners can’t help but admire and vibe along. Listen to the entire unplugged session with Annural and enjoy an exclusive acoustic performance that is bound to make you feel happy and invigorated.

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