Trending Shoes & Bags for Spring 2023


This season, opt for more with less. That’s right ladies, minimalistic designs and sleek accessories for women are all the hype right now! Contrary to the previous year, this year will be about classic statement pieces and less of dramatic accessories.

Fashion brands in Pakistan bring to you timeless shoes and bags in muted tones and soft hues for you to stay ahead of your fashion game. Whilst, Pakistani designer brands gear up for the biggest launch of the season, yes, you’re right we are talking about ‘lawn dresses’, we recommend you to invest in timeless accessories that will elevate your spring/summer look.

Sapphire’s latest collection of shoes and bags checks all the boxes for must have accessories. They definitely deserve a place in your wardrobe as they are sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Their secret lies in elegant and classic pieces that are curated in muted tones for the upcoming sunny season. The basic colour pallet can be adorned with any type of dress design be it a 3-piece suit, western wear for women or a long frock design.

Next time you pay a visit to Dolmen mall, Packages mall or Centaurus mall, stop by Sapphire’s store and get your hands on the latest heel designs, women’s handbags and much more.


A classy shoe is a ladies best friend and we totally agree. A good pair of ladies heels can elevate the look and posture of the wearer. Instantly, you go from ready to ‘gram ready’ and that’s what we love about heels. This season invest your money in getting strappy heel design for women. They are sleek, chic and brings out the best of feminine side.

Strappy heels

Buy black heels for women from Sapphire’s Dolmen mall outlet.


Leather mules are the talk of the town. The stylish flats with sleek finish are exactly what you need to finish off your formal attire. Wear them to your professional meetings, family gatherings or a luncheon, they will make you stand out in instantly.

If you as us we love a good pair of black heels but there are days when we are thankful for the existence of flats, and these flats are for those days. Highly comfortable, Sapphire’s mules are curated with finest quality leather and are padded to keep your feet calm and relaxed.

Leather Mules

Upgrade your wardrobe with leather mules for women from Sapphire’s clothing store.


Whilst we recommend you to invest in classic shoes for women, it certainly doesn’t mean to leave quirky behind. Sapphire’s bow-tie flats are the perfect balance of elegant and enticing. Opt for vibrant colours in these flats and style yourself to stand out. It’s perfectly acceptable to bring your joyful self to the occasion and dress to suit your vibe.

Bow-Tie Flats

Amp up your look with bow-tie flats for women from Sapphire’s online store.


Understated luxury has occupied the front row to 2023 and for all the right reasons. Whilst maximalism was the showstopper of the previous year, this year will be led by minimal designs and muted tones. Designer brands are now focusing on new hand bag designs that are statement worthy however chic and sleek. This certainly does not mean that huge, slouchy women’s handbags are no longer in trend, they will still be popular due to their practicality, functionality and utility.

Whilst 2023 is in full gear and is speeding up towards spring, get into the spirit of work again after a long holiday break, with latest accessories for women. To keep you ahead of the fashion game, we recommend you to invest in a boxy structured tote bag in muted tones and fine finish.

Tote Bag

Shop online in Pakistan for ladies tote bags from Sapphire’s online clothing store


After a year of cult and unusual designs, the classics have once again emerged to the front row of fashion streets. Latest designer brands in Pakistan have showcased their premium range of shoulder bags which are ethereal and will last you a lifetime.

Keeping in mind consumer’s changing preferences from eye catching styles to timeless pieces, Sapphire has launched its exquisite collection of shoulder bags for women. Curated in trending colours and high-quality composition of leather to give a luxurious feel and touch to the bag. This beauty definitely deserves a space in your wardrobe.

Shoulder bag

Make a classy appearance with women’s new handbag design.


Chic, structural women’s handbags are all the hype right now. Minimal is the new epitome of style and glamour. Sapphire has created a range of luxurious leather top handle bags for women which encompasses the elegance of modernism. For an iconic appearance, don the latest handbag design for women and stay upbeat!

Top Handle Bag

Top handle ladies handbags now available at Sapphire’s online clothing store

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