Must-Have Ready-to-Wear Essentials

Summer season is going nowhere which brings us to the most important element of our lives- our wardrobe! This transitioning period is confusing, frustrating and an absolute mood killer in terms of what to wear for everyday routine tasks. Working women must agree that this time around the year lawn dresses are the only hope to which we can cling on. Pakistani fashion designers launched impeccable collections this year that exhibited mastery of the craft, serene illustrations, and elegant hues. This time around, the designers are focusing on simple and sleek cuts and fabrications to keep the beat at bay.

Ready-to-wear dresses are the best choice for such a time, when you want to upgrade your wardrobe but do not want to hit your budget. SAPPHIRE clothing store launched its summer essential collection which is an absolute delight in terms of sleek cutlines, solid hues, and affordable prices. From A-line dress designs to long frock designs, they have it all in a versatile range of colours.

In today’s rising inflation, it is essential to keep the costs minimal, therefore we recommend you skip the tailor altogether and shift to ready to wear dress designs- a hassle free shopping experience. Online shopping in Pakistan has further made it easier to shop while sitting at home or office. You do not need to take extra time to visit shops and find clothes that you like. You can simply shop online and buy the best dresses available.

The best part about shopping online at SAPPHIRE is it is a one stop solution and you can find ready to wear dresses, home textiles, bed sheets, cushion covers, women’s western clothing, kids' clothing, get shalwar kameez designs, cosmetics for ladies and much more under one roof. While at it, create impeccable looks by pairing traditional khussas, liquid lipstick, and a ladies tote bag for a complete 10/10 OOTD!

Here we bring to you a complete guide to affordable ready to wear dress designs that are practical and can be worn to the office, for luncheon, and even formal gatherings.


Linen is an airy fabric that can never go wrong in this transitional season. We recommend you invest in well-stitched linen dress designs and linen matching separates as they are the perfect summer outfit for professional gatherings. Add some bling and they can elevate your look at a friendly luncheon or put on your banger stilettos and you’re good to attend a family dinner.

Ready-to-Wear Essentials
Ready-to-Wear Essentials
Ready-to-Wear Essentials

Shop readymade clothing, shalwar kameez design & 3-piece suit design from SAPPHIRE’s online store.


Another absolute essential for this season is silk dress deign. Silk dresses exhibit sheer elegance and opulence. For semi-formal or formal gatherings where you are expected to be dressed from head to toe but aren’t in the mood to, we recommend you to slip into a silk kaftan design or silk shirt design that features intricate illustrations and dainty detailing with embellishments. Tie your hair back and put on your fine kitten heels to dazzle everyone around you.

Ready-to-Wear Essentials
Ready-to-Wear Essentials

Strut in style in silk dress designs from the SAPPHIRE online store.


Another absolute essential for your wardrobe is an intricately embroidered chikankari suit design. Every girl must have three outfits at all times in her wardrobe

i. Solid outfit

ii. Silk outfit

iii. Embroidered lawn suit design

Exquisite embroidery patterns can elevate a suit design and make the wearer look absolutely stunning in a formal setting. When dressed with statement jewels, loose hair, and traditional khussas, nothing can beat this rich cultural look. The best part about this outfit is it can be worn to any soiree. From a far fetched relatives dholak to dinner with the office peeps, embroidered 3-piece suit design never fails to leave an impression.

Ready-to-Wear Essentials
Ready-to-Wear Essentials

If you’re looking for embroidered chikankari 3-piece suit design then head over to SAPPHIRE’s online store.

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While shopping for ready to wear outfits you must keep an eye out for must have essentials such as crisp off white trouser design, black tulip shalwar, and chiffon dupatta designs.

If you are into makeup then keep a check on your skincare products. Never run out of SPF in this season, it is absolutely essential to keep your skin protected from the sun. Also invest in a signature scent from SAPPHIRE – they have an impeccable range of best perfumes for ladies.

For girls who are rejoining their universities, we have glad tidings! SAPPHIRE has a premium range of quality hand bags, tote bags, cross body bags, and much more. Explore their accessories collection and find the bag that suits your needs the best. We recommend you invest in a large tote size bag to keep all your belongings with you all day.

Ready-to-Wear Essentials
Ready-to-Wear Essentials

Head over to your nearest SAPPHIRE’s branch or Shop Online for an Instant Wardrobe Upgrade