Summer’22 Guide to Easy Breezy Home Décor


With the sun beaming, it’s time to put away the gloomy home décor items and amp up your space with vibrant hues that are sure to enliven the ambiance of your home. Incorporate floral and scenic prints in your bedding, living room décor, kitchen linen, table linen, toweling and other home textile items for a refreshing vibe. Sapphire Home’s Summer 22 collection is a one stop solution to all your home décor needs in Pakistan.


Our choice of bedding deeply impacts our sleep, and quality slumber is essential for us to function properly during those long summer days. Sapphire’s range of high quality trendy bedding offers just that. Summer quilts, light weight duvets, bed spreads and matching bed sheets featuring delicate patterns will create a calming effect for a good night’s sleep and those peaceful day-time naps. When it comes to picking the right tones, rejuvenate your room with refreshing hues. Crisp whites, lighter shades of blue, pinks and ivories are the go-to colours of the season to beat the heat. If you are looking for vibrant hues to lighten up your mood, opt for a refreshing teal or multi-colours on breezy pure fabrics with high thread counts.


Enhance your space with this dynamic summer bedding set featuring a Jacobean inspired print in a classic teal hue.

With temperatures on the rise, minimalism is the key to easy breezy living. Opt for our range of contemporary solid bedding available in a variety of colours for a clutter free and spacious outlook. Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring. Pair solid fitted and flat bed sheets with embroidered quilt covers for a complete look. For an enhanced aesthetic and a relaxing atmosphere, add elements of nature with scented candles, planters and fresh flowers. Planters will not only refine the interior of your bedroom but will also enhance the air quality in your home.


Revamp your bedroom with this multi-coloured digitally printed holiday themed summer quilt cover.

kids bedding

This is where your creativity really comes in, the kid’s room. Our philosophy when it comes to kids’ bedroom décor is creating an educational, cheerful and comfortable environment. Kids are constantly learning from their surroundings and we firmly believe learning begins at home. Opt for bedroom décor themes that are informative such as zoo animals or an alphabets. Moreover, getting your little ones to go to bed is a task. Sapphire’s range of Kids bedding includes themed bedding for girls and boys featuring a vibrant mix of colourful bedsheets and matching quilt covers and cushions for a fun-filled bedtime! Brighten up their room with similar themed toys, playmats and more!


Pakistani Summer and the boiling hot kitchen? Not the ideal combination, we know! For the culinary experts out there, Sapphire Home Summer ’22 offers Kitchen Linen in light weight fabrics, cooler tones and trendy patterns to make your cooking experience feel like a breeze. Explore our range of contemporary aprons, oven mitts, pot holders and heat resistant dish cloths in matching designs for a complete kitchen aesthetic.


Summer calls for celebration and what better way to celebrate than enjoying a home cooked meal with your loved ones! Whether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a fancy dinner party, your table setting sets the tone for the dining experience. From breakfast tables to casual lunches and formal dinners, Sapphire’s range of Table Linen has you covered this season. Follow these simple steps to take your table settings to the next level. First, add some flair to your table with our wide range of table cloths and covers. Next, lay out a matching table runner and placemats for each of your guests. Give your place settings an extra boost of beauty with our range of napkins. These simple tabletop accessories are easy to fold and take meals from casual to special. Lastly, select the right cutlery and add contrasting floral arrangements and candles to suit the mood.

table linen

Give your dinner table a touch of contemporary with this embroidered bread basket in an off-white hue.


Feeling stuck during those sweltering summer days? The long hot summer and humidity are here to stay, so make the most of your indoor time! When going out doesn’t seem to be an option, plan fun indoor activities to relish the season. Whether you are working from home, enjoying some me-time binge-watching Netflix, or hosting a get-together, your living room is arguably your most important space. It is essential to keep your living interior cool and inclined to nature with earthy tones. For both modern and traditional vibes, Sapphire’s Home Décor and Cushions collection has a wide range of décor schemes to suit your preferences. Invest in solid basic surfaces which can be uplifted with geometric patterned cushions and sofa throws. A simple cream hued sofa can be elevated with vibrant cushions and contrasting throws. Opt for laser cut designs in cushions for a more contemporary look. You can further elevate your space with abstract paintings, wall hangings and planters. An enhanced ambiance is essential for entertaining guests and making them feel comfortable, cozy lounging in and more productive work from home schedules.


The sublime olive green hues of this cushion cover are sure to elevate the glamorous look of your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Revamp your summer décor with
Sapphire’s complete Home Décor range to stimulate good vibes!