Prepare to be both spooked and amused this festive season as we dive into the eerie tales of wedding horror! From wardrobe malfunctions to unexpected catastrophes, join us as we reminisce about the memorable and unique experiences that brides & guests have encountered during the festive season. From some funny mishaps to heartwarming and slightly scary stories, we’ll share the ups and downs that make weddings truly unforgettable. Stay tuned for our heartwarming and humorous wedding tales, and remember it’s all in good fun!

Outfit Crisis

My wedding outfit didn’t fit me on my actual wedding day! My bridesmaids had to frantically tear the side seams of the dress and pin it together with safety pins. All was good though, because we carefully draped the veil of the dupatta over. But all the Laddus and Gulab jamuns, definitely did wonders for me!

Parking Gone Wrong

This one time, during my wedding shopping, my mother couldn’t find the right parking space so we parked right outside the Dalhousie shop in Liberty and if you know how Liberty is on the weekends, you can relate to what I’m saying! Well, we shopped for around two hours and on our way back to the car we saw the traffic police impounding the car! I still remember my mother, madly running after them shouting, “Bhaiyaa ruko” and “Bat Tu Sunein.

Winter Weddings

Winter wedding- It was a chilly day, but the sun beamed its warmth. Extraordinary day for an outdoor, golden-hour reception. Everything was perfect, the décor, my dress, the makeup, the weather until it started pouring down crazy!

Demise of the Lash

Oh God, this brings back so many memories. It was the day of my wedding and I remember repeatedly asking my bridesmaids to inform me if my makeup needed any touchups, or if anything was out of place. But during my rukhsuti, they were so emotional themselves, that they didn’t inform me that my lashes literally had fallen out. So, throughout the video, you can see me bawling my eyes out and my lashes just casually hanging down. Watching that video is pure torture for me!

Google Map = Error

So, as per my bridesmaid duties, I was chauffeuring my best friend from her bridal shoot to the actual venue of the wedding. All thanks to Google Maps for always sticking by our side and guiding us through the unknown areas- if you can’t sense the sarcasm- then God help you! Well, the alleged farmhouse at which the wedding was happening was somewhere far off near Raiwind and our beloved Google Maps suddenly decided to drive us around in loops. Cut short, the bride was late to her own wedding, her brother had to follow our mindless directions to come and rescue us! BUT hats off to the bride for not panicking and keeping my mood uplifted throughout!

I – The Bride – fainted on the stage – need I say more?

The lost Tailor

Can you ever imagine the panic of not having your dress ready ON the day of your sister’s engagement? Salute to the tailors who never respond. Just when my family was leaving for the venue- I stood there with my hair on point and makeup intact- I DID NOT HAVE MY DRESS. When I finally gave up and decided to wear something from the closet- my tailor showed up with my dress! Imagine the conversation between my mother and the tailor!

Blast from the Past

COVID seems all a blur to me now, but at that moment it felt all-consuming. Intimate weddings became the trend and with families getting obsessive over hygiene, everything had to go perfectly on my big day until the GROOM sneezed!