Curate a Dapper Eid Outfit in 4 Easy Steps with Men's Shalwar Kameez

This Eid, do not shy away from trying new trends and new styles. We understand that go-to menswear style is to don a crisp white shalwar kameez or a sleek black kurta shalwar for the early Eid congregational prayers. This year, SAPPHIRE brings to you a versatile range of fabrications and colours to choose from. Whilst, white and black remain timeless, it wouldn’t hurt to try new shades!

Eid is a joyous and celebratory occasion for Muslims all around the world. After a month-long routine of fasting, Muslims devour on sweets, vermicelli, and feast upon delectable traditional dishes while donning ethnic and traditional clothing. Women are seen flaunting new trends and latest styles every Eid, while men are seen donning basic colours. This Eid, SAPPHIRE aims to bring joy to your table by launching a versatile range of premium quality clothing for men. Ranging from classic hues to refreshing gradients, SAPPHIRE’s Eid Edition I is a timeless tale of spectacular pieces.

Curate dapper Eid outfits in four easy steps. Trust us, it is that simple, no tension, no hassle, just picturesque outfits to make your Eid memorable.

1. Select Fabric

2. Pick a Colour

3. Tailor to Perfection

4. Elevate with Waistcoats

5. Explore Stitched Kurtas for Men

1. Select Fabric

The first step to create dapper Eid outfits this festive season is to select a quality fabric. There is a range of fabrications to select from. After a long time, Eid has befallen in a spring summer season which gives you the chance to explore various fabrications.

One thing that men fear the most is armpit stains on Eid day. We all know it can ruin one’s Eid day. Well, this Eid explore a range of fabrications and select the one that suits you the most.

We recommend you to skip the basic plain wash & wear suit and opt for the following gents shalwar kameez design.

Embroidered Cotton Schiffli Kurta

This season opt for an embroidered cotton schiffli kurta design, a refreshing Eid outfit that will elevate your style. This premium embroidered fabrication dwells well with the on going season. Tailor the premium fabrication into kurta trouser design or shalwar kameez design. SAPPHIRE’s Eid Edition I offers a versatile range of hues from ice blue to slate grey.


Luxury Egyptian Cotton Suit

Another fabrication that you can select this Eid is Luxury Egyptian Cotton Suit. This fabric runs smooth against the skin and has a crisp fall that will make you stand out in the crowd. Opt for a stitched suit design or tailor this fabric to your own style. This fabric will keep you breezy through out the day.

2. Pick a Colour

Once you have finalized the fabric, the next step is to opt for a colour of your choice. As Eid will befall in a warmer season, it is best to opt for cooler hues. We agree, white and black look graceful but an ice blue hue under the warmer sun will make you look like a breeze of fresh air. Similarly a nut brown colour will elevate your skin tone.

Summer Wash & Wear

Try out wash & wear gents shalwar kameez design in mauve and curate a picturesque look.

Opt for shades of blue this Eid in SAPPHIRE’s Fine Latha Suit.

3. Tailor to Perfection

Next Step is to tailor the unstitched suits into your favourite style and measurements. Opt for your favourite collar neckline, band neckline, straight trouser design or shalwar design and curate a sleek Eid outfit.

4. Elevate with Waistcoats

Lastly, uplift your Eid clothes with crisp waistcoat in classic colours. A waistcoat is an excellent accessory to don on Eid as well as on daily basis, it brings grace to the outfit and makes the wearer stand out. A waistcoat looks good with shalwar kameez as well as kurta trouser design.


Explore Stitched Kurtas for Men

i. White Kurta for Eid Namaz

If you do not have the time to visit your tailor and get the unstitched suits stitched then explore SAPPHIRE’s stitched edition. A classic white kurta shalwar or shalwar kameez design does not fail to impress on Eid. It is the safest option and by far the most loved option by men on Eid. The clean and crisp hue reflects purity, honesty and is a good way to welcome Eid after the holy month.


ii. Basic Black

Another colour that never disappoints is black. A crisp black kurta design makes one look dapper throughout the day. No matter how many relatives you have and places you have to visit, a black suit will keep you looking dashing throughout the day. Complete your look with a peshawari chappal.


Curate dapper Eid outfits from Sapphire’s Latest Eid Edition I
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