With the festivities upon us and a multitude of guests ready to be welcomed, creating the right ambience becomes just as important as selecting between delectable food choices. But beyond the culinary delights, festive centrepieces, ornaments, table linen and your choice of decorations become an extension of the joyous celebrations. Whether you enjoy maximalist opulence or have a minimalist aesthetic we will help you achieve the most bountiful and artful tablescape for the festive season ahead.

Embrace the spirit of celebration this season by setting the tone for a joyous crescendo and elevate your surroundings into a haven of warmth filled with flickering lights and harmonious melodies. Our most recent collaboration featuring Hafsa Shayan, aka the visionary and creative force behind @missioninthekitchenbyhafsa redefines the essence of celebration. Together, let’s revel in the magic of aesthetic brilliance and innovative décor brilliantly intertwined with delicious food.

Continue reading on because it’s time to get inspired and stand out with your exquisite and whimsical tablescapes taking visual cues from Hafsa, as she sets the festive mood!

Joyful Gatherings and Tablescaping Finesse

The subtle glow of candlelight casts a soft inviting glow as Hafsa stunningly sets the table with pastel florals and silver-tinted ceramics. Setting the table is an art and her brilliant aesthetics paired with SAPPHIRE’s latest Home Collection unveils a symphony of style that remains unmatched.

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023
SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

From intimate bridal showers to nikkah ceremonies, hosting dinner parties and brunches the entire table setting is a visual representation of every mood. The neutral colour tones perfectly settle in with earthy centrepieces and the flickering candle lights act as a welcoming reminder for the winter season.

Amidst the entire setting, SAPPHIRE’s placemats stand out with gorgeous and intricate embroidered work. The minimal but eccentric design details instantly catch your eye adding a touch of timeless elegance and seasonal warmth. This entire versatile tableau transcends occasions and is perfect for both daytime and nighttime occasions.

Setting the Scene and Dazzling Décor

The arched entryway gently welcomes you to the embrace of green foliage and floral ornaments that captivate your attention and dazzle your mind. Hafsa outshines in her mastery of colour contrast as the white table napkins stand out in the otherwise muted and pastel colour palette.

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023
SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

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If you are planning on bringing the feeling of togetherness to your table then Hafsa’s impeccable attention to detail and thought-out details will help you simply win over your guests. Mixing and matching patterns will help you achieve those Insta-worthy table spaces.

Another thing to keep in mind is how you layer your table. Make sure your table looks coherent and feels aligned, rather than different elements put together. Make a good impression by carefully planning out your table linen. Browse through our entire collection of table linen options and shop your favourites!

Seasonal Splendour with Design Impressions

Keeping the winter season and frosty air in mind, SAPPHIRE’s latest home collection is an ode to vibrant blooms and warm hues of the season. Our gorgeous placemats and napkins will infuse your space with sartorial finesse and steal the spotlight no matter what the occasion is.

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A tablecloth and runner are a great way of adding personality to your dining table. They make the overall ambience feel more cosy, comfortable and at home. These small touches also allow your guests to feel at ease. You can also pair them with our wide range of tablecloths adding a personalized touch to your overall setting.

The Artful Touch!

Whether it’s an intimate family dinner or a lively celebration with friends, reflect the spirit of any occasion with our gorgeous placemats and napkins featuring artistic flourishes stylized with precision creating a visual feast that delights the senses.

Take cues from Hafsa as she infuses her space for an unforgettable experience bringing a certain sense of whimsy to the space. Hence, the table looks decorative but does not overpower and there is still room for food and cutlery items.

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023
SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

Shop the Complete Look

Infuse your space with the splendour of our intricately embroidered napkins and placemats. Take inspiration from Hafsa’s stunning tablescape and create your own rendition using our gorgeous table linen pieces. Shop the entire look and make your guests and loved ones blissfully surprised!

These staples will perfectly stay on trend regardless of the season and transcend through time. Not only do they look regal and classy but also have an old-school appeal which makes them even more exquisite.

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023
SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

Curate your own gorgeous tablescapes this festive season using SAPPHIRE’s latest Home Collection. Enjoy the symphony of varying colourways followed by intricate embroidered designs and cross-stitched techniques that will instantly captivate your attention.

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