From playing versatile roles as an actress and captivating audiences with her charismatic performances to carving an indelible niche for herself in the field of acting, Sarah Khan is a renowned name in the realm of Pakistani entertainment who needs no introduction. Over the years she has seamlessly portrayed a myriad of roles and her characters in “Sabaat” and “Raqs-e-Bismil” amongst many others have garnered massive critical acclaim.

From her girl-next-door characters to her more complex and challenging protagonist roles, the ability to embody the essence of everyday women has brought a refreshing sincerity to her on-screen portrayals, making her a favourite among viewers.

But beyond the onscreen glitz and glamour, her off-screen persona is equally adored by her vast audience. As you delve into the life of Sarah Khan, you will discover a multi-faceted personality. Today we will get an insight into the real-life persona of this endearing and massively loved artist, that exists beyond the dazzling lights of the entertainment industry. As we navigate through the nuances of her everyday life, let’s discover the facets that make Sarah Khan a truly beloved figure!

So, without further ado let's dive deeper into her childhood, acting aspirations, thoughts on motherhood life mottos and more!

Behind the Limelight Galore

Away from the glitzy galore, Sarah’s authenticity shines through in all her candid moments. From her relatable nighttime routine to her avid love for travelling and Tamil cinema, her purest of joys find sanctuary in the simplest of life moments.

Morning person or night out?

“Morning person!”

Favourite vacation spot: Beach or mountains?


Favourite genre for binge-watching: Thriller or romance?


Instagram or Twitter for staying connected with fans?


Current favourite book or movie?

“Jailor, I love Tamil cinema!”

Moving on to your childhood, describe your childhood in one word?


Advice to a younger self in three words?

“Know your worth!”

The Art of Acting And Character Preps

"Getting in character requires some serious prep that comes with understanding the complexity and depth of each character. Although her girl-next-door personas are vastly adored by everyone, some of her most compelling characters have risen to fame through complex protagonist performances."

If you were not an actor then what would you have been?


Name one historical character that you would love to play?

"Princess Diana!"

Comedy or drama for your next acting project?


In your career where do you get motivation and inspiration from?

"Mainly from the love of my fans, I get motivated by them!"

For any role that you do, what's the most challenging part?

"I think getting into the character, becoming a new person who is opposite from your real personality is the most difficult part!"

Beauty Favourites And Signature Style

Sarah has emerged as a true style phenomenon and her ever-changing style is popular among her fans and followers. As a fashion enthusiast, she loves to experiment with her styling both on and off-screen.

Moving on to fashion, what’s your go-to winter fashion staple?

"Oversized coats!"

One word to describe your fashion style?


Sneakers or silhouettes for a casual day out?


Winter boots or heels?


Classic Red Lipstick or Bold Eyeshadow?

"Bold Eyeshadow!"

What’s a beauty product you can't live without?

"Serum and lip balm!"

On Motherhood And Life Mottos

Being a first-time mother and managing work alongside Sarah has beautifully harmonized personal milestones with career aspirations. Her motto in life encapsulates the spirit of resilience and unwavering dedication which has taken her from strength to strength.

What is your favourite quote or motto you live by?

"Trust the timing of your life!"

What’s the last thing you do before going to bed?

“I used to do proper skincare before, but now I always just make sure that Aliyana’s feeders are ready on time!”

Here is a fun one. Do you have any favourite memes or internet trends?

"(laughingly adding) So beautiful, so elegant just looking like a wow!"

We are going to end the segment with our last question. One piece of advice you will give to aspiring actors and actresses?

"Luck comes from hard work only!"

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