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Alas, it’s time to bid the scorching summer that lasted a lifetime, or it felt so! Hence, it’s safe to say it’s time to bid farewell to summer unstitched fashion-trends, and instead welcome those of the new season- fall. I have always enjoyed the beauty of the fall season. It is surreal; the serene and scenic sky, creeping cold shivers and latest fashion collections of designers lawn suits featuring 3 piece suits and 2 piece. We all love a new style and a new trend to adorn, don’t we?

Fall is beautiful but it can be challenging in terms of what to wear? If you’re overwhelmed with fashion anxiety and the thought of your closet gives you shivers, it’s time to explore Pakistani lawn dress and unstitched suits online. Here are top picks from Sapphire’s Unstitched Volume V Collection. The collection emphasizes deeper hues, modern prints and breezy fabrics to redefine your unique style. Sapphire’s latest Unstitched Vol. V. conquers limitations to revamp your wardrobe. Style our latest wide range of unstitched clothing collection curated with high quality fabric to your personal taste.


One-piece shirts are the most utilized silhouettes in a woman’s wardrobe. A lady knows the trouble of dressing up and showing up to each and every soiree be it with friends, family, extended family, in laws or with office colleagues. One-piece unstitched clothing is a versatile canvas for a woman to be creative with. Style it as a long maxi, kurta, medium length shirt, long frock design or even join the bandwagon of the trendiest and in style kaftans. Unstitched lawn suits and lawn dress have more capacity to be played with. Sapphire’s Unstitched Volume V Collection displays an array of prints that can be used to style yourself in different types of cuts, silhouettes and salwar kameez design. The modern and contemporary prints imbued in deeper hues are a perfect addition to the fall wardrobe collection.

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Unstitched clothing is every woman’s cherished possession and we agree. Designer lawn suits over the years have provided a range of designs and prints which have empowered women and redefined femininity by inculcating confidence through use of prominent styles, cuts and colors. Two-piece summer unstitched lawn suit is a versatile outfit which can be used at various soirees. Dinners, Tea parties, hangouts with friends, office wear or everyday attire, two-piece shirt, trouser or shirt and dupatta is a must have this season. The Unstitched Volume V Collection encompasses a spin on modern geometrical prints along with everlasting floral prints to redefine your confidence.

Girl wearing 3 piece shalwar kameez design

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It’s true, the essence of a three-piece summer unstitched lawn suit is unmatched. This season embrace long length shirts and pair them with culottes and a fancy dupatta. The loose fitted look is globally accepted as the most fashionable style of the year. Embraced by our Eastern designers, the loose fitted long lengths and loose fitted wide leg trousers are gaining momentum again.

Girl wearing 3 piece shalwar kameez design

The Sapphire Unstitched Volume V has showcased a play on deeper hues to embrace the season of fall and bid the tiresome heat a good bye. The selection of deeper hues is phenomenal as they still encapsulate the brightness of summer but the color palette is eye pleasing and enticing. Every designer has put forth their own spin on pink shalwar kameez design and we can not get over it. The charismatic deeper hues of pink, maroon, purple and popping yellow are the ones to stock your closets with this fall.

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Fall is a tricky season in terms of weather and fashion. It’s a bit too chilly for some people whilst it’s still hot for others. Cotton and textured cotton are fabrics that go well with this type of weather which keeps one breezy, airy and comfortable. Opt for unstitched dress design in cotton fabric or lawn. Lawn is another fabric that women in Pakistan feel the most comfortable in as it is found the most appropriate for the weather that our country inhibits. To make your looks extravagant opt for unstitched summer lawn suits with zari, chiffon or voil dupatta. These fabrics uplift the look of an outfit making it the right choice for an evening dinner or a semi formal gathering.

Girl wearing 3 piece shalwar kameez design
Girl wearing 3 piece shalwar kameez design

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