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If you come across the colour pink several times while shopping at Packages mall or if pink hued winter dresses for ladies catch your attention, know this, it is with regards to creating awareness and paying homage to women fighting with breast cancer. It is one of the most detected forms of cancer in women all around the world.

Penned as a taboo topic in our society, it is of utmost importance that every brand plays its role in creating awareness amongst women regarding this dreadful illness. Hence, October is internationally dedicated to the colour pink - Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The numbers don’t lie…

- 1 out of 9 women are likely to develop Breast cancer during their lifetime.

- Pakistan has the highest rate of Breast Cancer in Asia.

- Over 10 million women are at risk of breast cancer in Pakistan.

- Every year, 90,000 new cases are reported in Pakistan.

- 40,000 women die of Breast Cancer every year in Pakistan.

But with early detection, the survival rate of an invasive breast is almost 99%.

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For personalized risk assessment book your appointment with your ob-gyn every six months to stay ahead of any abnormality being formed. If that is too much to ask for, start doing your self-assessment at home with a few easy steps.

Self-Check Techniques

1. Look at the mirror with hands on your hips for shape, size and any color abnormalities.

2. Now raise your hands in the air and do the same.

3. Next, use the tip of your fingers and in circular motion check your breasts for any abnormality or lumps. Use different pressure levels to monitor and evaluate different depths.

4. Look out for any fluid coming out of your breasts in the form of blood, water or yellow fluid.

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Sapphire Pays Homage to Women Fighting with Breast Cancer

It is essential to remember that early detection can prevent and save lives. Educate yourself and your loved ones around you to self-assess themselves on a regular basis. Once you know your normal, only then will you be able to detect any abnormality.

Doctors around the world have put forth the importance of exercise to eliminate fat around the abdomen. They argue, obesity, fast food and a lazy habitat is one of the rising enemies of healthy women. Hence exercising three to four times is recommended to ensure healthy weight management. You don’t have to become a size zero- even that’s not a healthy image (remember) but incorporating movement into your lifestyle can further aid health benefits.

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Stand up today and educate women

around you to save a life tomorrow!

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Join Hands with Pink Ribbon

Along with numerous Pakistani NGO’s working towards educating women and helping them find the right treatment, Pink Ribbon is amongst the leading institutes that is working tirelessly for the cause. Their community outreach program involves educating women from various communities to increase outreach. Their youth program focuses on educating the female youth to become knowledgeable at a profound age.

Founded in 2004, the non-funded, self-sustained, charitable institution has helped women in Pakistan to get the right treatment free of cost. They envision building a hospital that helps women fight the battle with world-class treatment.


They are currently building Pakistan’s first Breast Cancer Hospital for women, an initiative that needs your donation. The hospital initiative aims to provide world-class diagnosis and treatment services to 40,000 breast cancer patients annually including OPD, Ultrasound, Mammogram, Chemotherapy, Surgery, and in-patient facilities.

Donate now for a better tomorrow!