5 Reasons to Visit Sapphire Emporium this Fall


As fall approaches, the air gets crispier and the temperatures drop as heat slowly fades away. As the weather changes, you will also seek some warmth in your wardrobe. What better way to add warmer notes to your wardrobe collection than by paying a little visit to the Sapphire store at the colossal Emporium mall, located in Johar Town, Lahore.

Be it for some design inspiration, retail therapy or just for window shopping, Sapphire Emporium is the place to be.

Sapphire provides premium clothing with high quality fabric and versatile designs that go beyond what your average retail store has to offer. Sapphire allows you to add a touch of everyday elegance and grace to your attire by giving you high-end sustainable fashion at the most competitive prices in the market.

From classic everyday designs to exclusive kurtas, western dresses, tulip shalwars, western clothes, sleepwear, including sets, pajamas, shirts, and robes, and festive party wear; Sapphire Emporium has it all.

Head to the palatial Sapphire store at the Emporium mall in Johar Town for your wardrobe make over and for some essentials that you will need this fall to dress to impress.

This article will elaborate on some of the amazing features of the Sapphire store at the Emporium mall Lahore and unveil some of the hidden gems and treasures you can find there to add that oomph that you need in your wardrobe to brace the upcoming fall and winter season.

Furthermore, this article will also discuss the importance of an exclusive in-store experience and how you can best utilize your time and money by going over some of the essential sartorial details of the designs in the collection, while you’re at Sapphire Emporium.


1. Feel inspired by the suave interiors of Sapphire Emporium while you shop

The Sapphire mega concept store was launched back in 2016, and set waves in the Pakistan retail and fashion space.

In 2022, it towers over the rest of the retail spaces and clothing stores with its distinctive themes that are a total reimagining of a traditional physical retail store in Pakistan.

Sapphire at Emporium is a place where shoppers can experience the full range of Sapphire's latest collections. You enter the store and instantly you’re taken in by the soft cloudy hues and earthy tones that set you in a calming mood to shop.

The store’s interior exudes exclusivity and luxury, which is exactly what the premium products offer. It is spacious which gives you plenty of space to roam around, feel inspired and bt4s-row rowse through the dresses, examine the designs and peruse the intricate embroidery on kurtas.

The pristine white ceiling with luminous lighting adds to the ambiance along with the ornamental fountain, painted murals, pavilions, domes and arches, evoking a sense of luxury to enhance your shopping experience.

2. Experience the latest collection first hand at Sapphire Emporium

What better way to check out the new fall collection than by paying a little trip to the Emporium mall and walking through the beautiful and thoughtfully curated Sapphire store.



Sapphire has introduced a new range of swoon-worthy printed sarees in satin, net and organza. By visiting the Sapphire store, you can have the full-on saree draping experience in real-time and select which kind of print and fabric best suits your sensibilities, personal style and individual aesthetic.


No matter what the length or design of a kurta, you can never go wrong pairing it with a tulip shalwar. Sapphire has the perfectly versatile tulip shalwar for you in black and beige in cambric fabric. The tulip shalwar is an excellent option for the everyday chic look and you can also pair it with a heavier or bolder top for a dressed up look.



Looking for a trouser design? Look no further. The designers at Sapphire have carefully curated the collection to meet all your everyday clothing needs. Trousers are a wardrobe staple and you cannot go wrong with Sapphire’s raw silk pants in solid colors. We offer a wide-range of raw silk straight pants in neutral tones that will go with any top and enhance your daily style, with a touch of elegance and a drizzle of grace.



A silk shirt is a must-have in the warmer months. Silk is the perfect fabric to add a spark of elegance and demure to your persona when you dress up. Sapphire offers opulent and decadent printed and embroidered silk shirts that are created from the finest quality of silk. The designs and hues speak for themselves.


Sapphire’s ready to wear collection has both chic and classic options for you. You will never have a dull day this fall with the beautifully embroidered kurtas and exotic printed kurtas in cambric, cotton and yarn dyed jacquard. To add some vibrant hues and classic staples head to the Sapphire Emporium store and give your wardrobe a little makeover for this fall.



As we all know, climate change is ravaging our planet. In an effort to minimize our carbon footprint and to lessen the ruinous and catastrophic effects of climate change you should try to opt for eco-friendlier options. Sapphire offers great options in sustainable clothing.

In 2019, Sapphire launched little by little, which is an ongoing sustainability project for a greener Pakistan. Recycled cotton bags were launched as a first step.

Since then, Sapphire has continued to develop and gt4s-row row its sustainable approach across the business from manufacturing to stores.

You can always use your Sapphire recycled cotton bags when you come in to shop in-store at the Emporium mall.

In 2021, Sapphire launched the Ready to Wear Sustainable line of designed kurtas manufactured from recycled cotton that was dyed using natural coloring.

The sustainable collection has a great variety of kurtas in solid colors and some beautiful embroidered designs in recycled cotton.

Sapphire’s sustainable collection is manufactured using recycled cotton with minimal water usage. You can help reduce the effects of climate change by investing in timeless pieces from the sustainable collection, while also looking chic and fashionable!


If you are seeking a simple dress design or something more festive for party wear, Sapphire has got you covered. If pret isn’t for you, don’t worry, there is an exclusive unstitched collection with a wide range of premium fabrics featuring softer shades of pastels with dainty designs all the way to deeper and bolder tones embellished with statement embroidery for you to stitch and style any way you like. The new fall unstitched collection has endless options to take you into the warmer season in style.

3. Why shop in-store at Sapphire Emporium?

There is a huge difference between viewing a product online, on your phone or laptop screen versus examining the product physically at a shopping mall.

Visually exploring the dress designs and the colors of the fabrics has a significant impact on your buying decisions.

It is definitely a great idea to visit the Sapphire store at the Emporium mall because the benefits of in-person shopping:


If a certain kind of a dress design, print or embroidery pattern catches your eye and you are unsure about how it will look on you, you can immediately try it on to see how it fits.

Never underestimate the power of an in-store fitting room, that is where all the great decisions are made in shopping malls.

When it comes to selecting a perfume, you can always use a tester and see how you like the scent and if it is right for you, before purchasing it.


These days, customer experience is the most essential aspect of a wholesome shopping endeavor for any buyer. In order to have an enjoyable shopping experience you want helpful, accommodating and friendly staff to take care of your needs as you bt4s-row rowse through the store.

The best thing about shopping at the Sapphire stores is that you will find helpful staff members to answer all your queries and to guide you with all your clothing needs. From finding the right sizes to helping you search for a specific product you are looking for, they have you covered!

Sometimes, we all need an in-store shopping venture like this! It is a full social experience, especially in the post pandemic world, where people are tired of social isolation.

Another great aspect of shopping in-store is that chances of returns are minimal. You get to see and try on the dresses before you purchase them and hence, there are no bad surprises in the mail if you don’t like what you were expecting.

Shopping in-store saves you the time and hassle that comes with returns. You immediately choose what you want and you don’t have to worry about a potential return. Instead, you take your desired, most-loved picks home with you!


Isn’t there something strangely satisfying about holding your latest purchase in a shopping bag as you leave the store at a mall? Like imagine, walking out of the store with this absolutely stunning scarlet three piece embroidered silk suit - the happiness is palpable!


You get instant gratification by shopping in person. There is no waiting involved. You take your shopping home with you and you are ready to dazzle in it!

4. Retail Therapy Like Never Before at Sapphire Emporium

Not all purchases are created equal, and the same goes for shopping trips.

If you’re feeling uninspired with your wardrobe and want to take a look at what is new and hot, head to the Emporium mall and pay the Sapphire store a visit.

You will find racks full of the latest and trendiest designs for inspiration and Sapphire’s helpful staff at the Emporium mall store will be at your service to help you make the decision that is best for you.

Even if you’re just window shopping, it will uplift your mood. Everything you see in the Sapphire store is unique and you’ll feel exclusively inspired as you shop. It is also a great place to get some wardrobe ideas, you can mix and match by going through the matching separates collection.

Another advantage of paying a visit to Pakistan’s third largest mall, Emporium in Lahore, conveniently located on Abdul Haque Rd in Johar Town, Lahore is that you can always grab a bite at the food court at one of the eateries after a fulfilling shopping experience at Sapphire. Or if you are with kids, you can always give them a little treat by taking them to the play area for some fun.

If you are in the mood for an adventure, you can also watch a movie at the universal cinemas after you have sorted your fall wardrobe at Sapphire.


5. Sapphire Encourages Personal Style

Sapphire has endless options when it comes to fabric, style and design to suit your wardrobe needs. From eastern Pakistani wear to western wear and fusion clothing, there is a little something for everyone.

The best thing about shopping at Sapphire is that you get premium fabrics at amazing prices. You get to dress high-end at the most competitive prices in the market. Plus, Sapphire has amazing sales all year round, so if you’re shopping on a budget you should keep an eye out for the sales and splurge then!

Another amazing feature about Sapphire retail is that they are a step ahead of the industry when it comes to dress designs. Instead of waiting to predict future trends, the designers already have them sorted and they are in the production stage, waiting to be launched and adorned by you!

It is always a good idea to prepare your wardrobe a little earlier than the weather truly changes so you can brace yourself for what is to come.

Winters in Punjab , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan are a tougher affair than Sindh, in general. So if you’re in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Quetta or Peshawar where winters are colder, grab some warmer outfits for the season at the earliest. If you are in Karachi, you can wait a little, but not too much because Sapphire’s collections get sold out fairly quickly!

6. Conclusion

At the Sapphire store in the Emporium mall in Lahore, you will find resplendent designs of dresses for every occasion, along with successive racks of pret, unstitched suits, men’s suits, matching separates, tulip shalwars, trousers, accessories and silk kurtas - and now sarees as well!

The suave interiors of the store and the helpful staff create an enjoyable experience for the customers. It is not like you are going to a store to make a purchase and returning home. It is a full social experience where customers get to enjoy every bit of the purchase journey from the moment they set their foot in the store.

If you are a new customer or a Sapphire devotee, you will find something for yourself in the wide-ranging catalog because Sapphire caters to every kind of taste. All the way from the bold and tropical to the delicate pastels and subdued hues.

History tells us that the racks at Sapphire are emptied out fairly quickly- so don’t wait. Visit the Sapphire store at the Emporium mall in the city of Lahore, now!