Host In Style this Eid with Our Latest Home Collection

Eid-ul-Fitr is right on the brim which means an increase in the buzz of social get-togethers, sprucing up every nook and cranny, and making sure every corner of the house is squeaky clean before your loved ones and guests begin to arrive. This Eid, make sure to bring an extra flair to your hosting style by refreshing your house decor to make it visually appealing and welcoming for your close ones.

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

Make Your Guests Feel at Home

After having an incredible time on Eid, with lots of delectable food and spending time with loved ones, everyone needs a good night’s sleep. Make sure to give your guest bedrooms a refresh with SAPPHIRE’s latest home bedding collection. The bed sheets are available in varying prints, textures, and colorways to uplift any space depending on your style, and above all SAPPHIRE’s polycotton bedsheets are simply too good to be missed this festive season!

SAPPHIRE Home Collection 2023

Experience a floral fantasy with SAPPHIRE's blooming beddings.

It’s a Floral Affair!

Brighter hues are always the best choice for adding a quick pop of colour to any space. The summery colours of these polycotton bed sheets with eccentric floral prints can complement any room setting. Make sure you have nice fitted sheets with fluffy pillows adorned in the best pillowcases available at SAPPHIRE and some comforters in case the guests feel cold at night.

Unused bedsheets in the guest room often start to smell stale so make sure to refresh the bedding a day or two before your guests arrive.


Moreover, having some snacks with a few bottles of water and juices is an extra special touch that you can leave for your guests to make them feel more welcomed. And while you are at it don’t forget to check the guest bathrooms and equip them with new toiletries and fresh towels!

SAPPHIRE provides an extensive range of bath towels that are perfect for everyday use. Shop for our ultra-absorbent and durable terry bath sheet set which is available in different sizes. From hand towels to bath towels, our bath linen will leave you sorted.

Quilt Covers to Refresh Your Bed

If you are a sleep aficionado and are looking for essentials that will give your room a well-put-together look then SAPPHIRE provides the best quilt covers adding several design elements and bringing comfort. These quilt covers don’t just look good but feel good as well made with the finest quality material and fabrics.

From neutrals to bright hues, the quilt covers can match well with any room décor complementing well with your sheets whilst adding a cozy addition to your room. A bedding refresh is extremely vital and what better way to compliment your room than by giving it a nice refresh with bright colours and exuberant prints with these quilts.

Quilt Covers by SAPPHIRE
Quilt Covers by SAPPHIRE
Quilt Covers by SAPPHIRE

Uplift your bedroom with matching bed covers from SAPPHIRE Home.

Revamp your guest bedrooms with these digitally printed floral printed summer-themed covers.

Shop Our Bed in a Bag!

As the designated host we know you are already occupied with numerous tasks and to-do lists, and finding last-minute bedding options might seem like a tedious task, but fret not!

With SAPPHIRE’s bed in a bag making your bed and giving it a spruced-up feel is no more an issue. Including the best-fitted sheets in Pakistan, our bed in a bag provides a quick alternative to oomph up your hosting style and overall Eid decor.

SAPPHIRE Bed in a bag Now Available.

Elevate your decor with premium bed in a bags.

The bag comes with one flat sheet, two pillowcases, a comforter, and a standard sham. The options for colorways and design are endless to choose from. From minty colors to pastel flowers digitally printed, these home bedding options are simply the best.

Refresh Your Kids Bedding

Don’t forget your little one’s room whilst you’re on a spree of making décor changes. If you have a spare kids’ room, make sure to change kids bedding as well, with SAPPHIRE’s trendy bedding for both girls and boys made out of the finest cotton linen and available in different color options.

Kids Bedding Styles 2023
Kids Bedding Styles 2023

Celebrate the colours of the season with our whimsical kids' beddings.

Making an effort to bring subtle changes to their room will make them excited about getting into bed with SAPPHIRE bedsheets for kids. The designs range from digitally printed astronauts to cute pastel flowers which are bound to make your darling kids happy and the breathable fabric will provide additional comfort.

Don’t forget to add some high-quality silk pillowcases and cushions to their rooms to make them extra cozy and perfect for them to lounge in with their cousins, and friends this Eid.

Kids Cushion Styles 2023
Kids Cushion Styles 2023

Add matching cushion covers to your little one's room.

Elevate Your Lounge Style

Your lounge is one of the busiest places in the entire household. It’s undeniably the heart of every home, and this Eid while you are catering to your loved ones don’t forget to refresh your lounge area with some fresh fluffy cushions which can accentuate any area.

SAPPHIRE New Collection of Cushions
SAPPHIRE New Collection of Cushions
SAPPHIRE New Collection of Cushions
SAPPHIRE New Collection of Cushions

Create cosy corners with our printed cushion covers.

Translate your personal style through your cushions and you’ll have the perfect vibe in a few minutes. You wouldn’t believe how these cushions can offer a splash of colour to your lounge décor.

Make every dull corner look more happening by incorporating different colour tones and textures. We have also cushion options that will look perfect with your bed fitted sheet.

Elevate Your Eid Dinner Table Linen Décor

Last but not least how can we forget the Eid décor for table dining? If you are looking for a dinner table cover and the best table covers then look no further. SAPPHIRE provides the best options for table scaping that can instantly elevate your table décor. A good table runner goes a long way and this Eid, stylize your tables and make them look extra unique!


If you are looking for some quick and unique ways to instantly elevate your spaces then look no further because SAPPHIRE has you sorted. The best home décor options that will undeniably make you look like the perfect hostess! Our home collection is available online and you can also shop it from our stores in Dolmen Mall, Packages Mall, and Emporium Mall.