Everything About Abayas for Women- FAQ

In order to satisfy personal aesthetics, cultural significance, or religious practices, modest fashion fundamentally refers to clothing or an approach to dressing that offers full coverage with little to no skin exposure. Modest clothing has developed over time and is now a worldwide phenomenon. It is no longer just considered to be conservative clothing and it certainly does not mean one has to give up on style.

Fashion designers have put a lot of hard work to make Abayas- a basic dress design-stylish by using wide variety of fabrics and constantly playing with colours and designs to evolve this conventional ideology of clothing into a global fashion statement.

What is an Abaya?

Abaya is a loose fitted, flowy garment that covers the body from shoulders to toes. It is a traditional clothing item for Muslim women however, in recent times, abayas for women have become a fashion statement in the Middle East as the loose fitted garment prevents the body from the scorching heat and tanning.

Traditionally abayas for women originates from a religious perspective, but the many benefits of wearing an abaya have created a momentum for this laid-back item as it resonates the style of a maxi dress.

This flowy dress design is an ideal choice for women living in places where it is hot and humid. SAPPHIRE’s Modest Wear collection features versatile range of breezy fabrics to keep the wearer cool. They come in a variety of colours from basic to vibrant for you to make a classic statement. Abayas are usually paired with head scarves and quality hijabs for women. Best hijabs for women are easily available in a wide range of fabrics from SAPPHIRE clothing store.

Types of Fabrics for Abayas

i. Nidha/Nida

Nidha/Nida fabric abaya is the most commonly used fabric when it comes to modest clothing and abayas for women. The fabric is light weight, has a smooth and luxurious texture which make sit the best choice for an abaya.

This fabric is made of 100% polyester which is crease resistant and it needs minimal to no ironing, therefore taking your worries away. You do not need to worry about ironing the abaya before heading out. Just don it over your clothes and you are good to head out.

ii. Chiffon

Chiffon is a gauze-like fabric which is non-transparent and has as shimmery nature. This fabric is one of the best fabrics which is appropriate for the weather of Pakistan and Middle East. It is a light weight and breezy fabric which is an optimal choice for a formal wear.

iii. Jersey

This fabric is sticky and thick in nature which is optimal for cooler places but will not be the most appropriate choice of fabric for warmer places. Jersey is smooth and stretchable usually used to make maxi dresses, therefore, abayas in jersey make an excellent statement.

iv. Georgette

Georgette has a good draping quality which makes it a good choice for abayas. However the fabric is opaque compared to chiffon.

What styles look best in Abaya?

1. Embroidered Abayas

Who says abayas have to be boring and basic? A little creativity can elevate your style and confidence. Usually, it is perceived that abayas have to be plain but that is not the case. Abayas with intricate embroidery detailing on sleeves, border and neck uplifts the look of the abaya.

It is an instant solution to going out to a formal place. Worried you have nothing to wear? No worries, don an embroidered abaya over your night suit and no one will ever know!

Abayas for women
Abayas for women

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2. Collared Abaya

Another style that is taking the modest world by storm is a collared abaya. The collared neckline gives a crisp and formal look which can be worn to your professional meetings and work places. This type of abaya gives a neat and crisp look.

collared abayas
collared abayas

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3. Kaftan Abaya

Abayas are a flowy garment therefore designers over the years have played with the silhouette. One of our personal favourite is a kaftan style abaya which is trendy, always in style and makes one look slim. Isn’t that all we want? This statement abaya is a perfect choice for summers!

Kaftan Abaya
Kaftan Abaya

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4. Button through Abaya

If you are like us and have a thing for button down shirts and front open clothing items then this button through/front open abaya is for you. The ease of wearing it makes in an exceptional choice for going out. Don it over you gym clothes or for a quick grocery run over you night suit.

Button through Abaya
Button through Abaya

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Care Instructions

Abayas designs are curated using durable and high-quality fabrics that makes it easy to care for the abayas. You do not need professional dry cleaning but with a little effort you can preserve your abayas for the years to come

We recommend you to hand wash your abaya dress instead of a machine wash. The reason behind this is to keep the fibers of the abayas intact. Machine handles the clothing items harshly which can cause the fibers to break which will eventually ruin the abaya. Therefore, it is advised to wash your abayas with hands using lukewarm water. Lastly, dry the abayas using a drying rack or a clothesline outdoors.

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