Finding ways to serve back to the community and working on the overall betterment of society has always been the long-term mission of SAPPHIRE. With this recent collaboration with Hunar Foundation, an extraordinary non-profitable organization that aspires to empower the unprivileged and works towards creating a cadre of skilled Pakistanis by providing international-level education and workshops, we at SAPPHIRE aim to bring equal opportunities for everyone.


The Hunar Foundation is a long-term visionary foundation that actively works to provide vocational training in Pakistan for both males and females that eventually leads to higher employment rates and the promotion of young entrepreneurs.


SAPPHIRE presents its collaboration with Hunar Foundation.

SAPPHIRE has believed in creating and providing opportunities that help in bridging the gap between the marginalized societies of Pakistan. With this initiative, SAPPHIRE aims to facilitate the students of Hunar Foundation with on-the-job training focused on different processes included in the creation of apparel production.

Our recent collaboration with The Hunar Foundation envisions a similar goal of creating opportunities. Hoping to create a better future for these young individuals, a two-day on-the-job workshop training was provided to 43 bright and creative female students who were trained with real-life experiences involved in garment manufacturing.

Overview of the Training Plan

The training plan consisted of a tour of the training facility at SAPPHIRE where factory tours of different departments were provided to the students. The training included of displaying different processes to the students including design processes, stitching styles, apparel manufacturing, and various other training methods involved.


SAPPHIRE conducted training sessions with the students.

It was also an opportunity for SAPPHIRE to celebrate artisans and showcase digitally advanced technology to the students and make them get actual experiences that will be extremely beneficial for them in the long run.

Learning Opportunities for the Students

The facility tours consisted of making all the students go through different departments led by experienced employees and artisans which allowed them to understand not only the industry requirements but also learn important skills and knowledge that align with THF’s long-term goals as well.

Following were the different departments that were visited by the students which helped them to gain first-hand experience regarding apparel manufacturing and how an ensemble and two-piece and three-piece dress design is made from start to finish familiarizing them with the working environment as well.


Students gained indepth knowledge about SAPPHIRE's processes from our skilled artisans.

1. Cutting Department

In this first department, students learned about the process and scope of structure around fabric cutting. They were familiarized with fabric insurance procedures and the overall cutting process. All the students were able to understand and see the recent fabric manufacturing of the upcoming collections and ask relevant questions about them.

2. Sewing Department

Moving further, students were familiarized with the sewing process and structure. They were introduced to various different sewing machines which are utilized in the day-to-day manufacturing of fabric and design. Different terminologies and techniques which are used on an everyday basis were also taught to the students to make them better aware of the retail industry practices.

3. Finishing Department

Since finishing is one of the last but highly important stages of production before it moves to the retail stores for the consumer, all these incredible students were trained in the finishing scope, structure, and process. They were familiarized with SAPPHIRE’S packing and shipment procedures which allowed them a greater understanding of equipment awareness and overall delivery maintenance.

4. Production Department

This tour consisted of showing the sample receiving and processing procedure. Different product parts were shown to all the students followed by pattern making and digitizing which is later onwards transmitted on the fabric. Other important points covered in this tour included of fabric insurance procedures and sample making and finishing process.


Behind the stage with our trained professionals and students.

All of the Hunar Foundation students were able to understand how the fashion company works, and what the overall processes and procedures are. With this informative training, students were able to inquire and ask all their questions for further and improved clarity of concepts.

Future Plans & On-the-Job Experience

After the successful two-day training the students will now be provided with one month of on-the-job training where they will improve their skill set and increase their learning and knowledge. Moreover, they’ll be able to get familiarized with different concepts that are regularly used in the retail industry. After the successful completion of their one-month training, we believe that tremendous job opportunities will be opened for all these individuals.


This entire training process helped in adding more value to The Hunar Foundation and SAPPHIRE’s shared goal of providing high-quality learning and advanced vocational education and training to young individuals which will ultimately open a new world of opportunities for these students enabling them to start a business of their own in the future as young enterpreneurs.

Having these students over at SAPPHIRE’s training facility was an incredible honor for us, and being able to play a part in building a successful, literate, and advanced community of youth in collaboration with The Hunar Foundation brings us tremendous joy and excitement for the future. With this experience, we hope to enable these and many more students to participate in competitive employment opportunities that will enable them to create a better future for themselves and their families in years to come.