The dawn of the new year calls for a new look and what better way to refresh your style than by elevating it with the hottest shoes and bags of the season?

Shop SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of accessories, featuring the trendiest shoes and bags from Winter 2024. This season, complete your ensemble with shoes and bags that seamlessly blend comfort and style to create memorable looks for all occasions. Fill your footwear closet with comfy flats, classy slingbacks, traditional khussas, and versatile mules to redefine chic practicality. Enhance your look further with trendy shoulder bags, functional crossbody bags, everyday totes, stylish top handle bags, and must-have wallets - all from SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of accessories.

Join us and step into style with the ultimate guide to the must-have shoes and bags of the season!

Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags


Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags



In 2024, the spotlight is on shoes that perfectly combine style with comfort and SAPPHIRE promises just that. From easy-going slides for everyday to floral khussas for festive occasions, there is something for you to don at every event.

• Versatile Slides

This year is all about embracing comfort without compromising on style which is why slides have been a wardrobe staple. Available in a range of designs and colours, slides can be worn both casually and formally throughout the season; opt for embellished slides for weddings and comfort slides for running errands every day. Explore SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of slides, featuring a range of unique styles that cater to so many different preferences!

• Chic Slingbacks

Add a touch of understated elegance to your look by adding slingbacks to the mix! Making a strong comeback in 2024, slingbacks effortlessly bridge the gap between casual and formal footwear, allowing you to seamlessly transition from day to night events. With a range of classic and neutral hues to choose from, SAPPHIRE’s collection of slingbacks are a must-have for this winter.

• Traditional Khussay

A staple for the ethnic wardrobe, khussas are an evergreen favourite. SAPPHIRE’s latest collection features khussas in a range of spring-inspired floral designs, perfect for elevating an eastern suit design or adding a fusion touch to a western dress design! Perfectly padded and expertly crafted, our khussas are a must-have pick for those looking to effortlessly combine comfort with style this season.

• Comfy Mules

Epitomising easy elegance, mules are a backless pair of shoes that encapsulate an effortlessly chic aesthetic. Whether you are going for a casual stroll or preparing for a night out, mules offer unparalleled versatility, making them a perfect fit for whatever look you might have in mind. Check out our mules in a range of shades that can be styled with a variety of outfits this season and beyond.

Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags



The world of bags in 2024 is a study in versatility where form meets function in a harmonious symphony of trendy designs and classic sensibilities. From spacious tote bags for running your daily errands to classy top handle bags, that are perfect for making a statement, SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of bags features the ideal fix of all the hottest trends of the year.

• Trendy Shoulder Bags

With the recent resurgence of Y2K fashion, shoulder bags take centre stage in 2024. The perfect combination of style and convenience, shoulder bags are great for looking chic and being practical for all your occasions this year. Opt for shoulder bags in classic hues like black and beige or more statement colours like burgundy and pink to elevate all your looks with ease.

• Classy Top Handle Bags

Classic and refined, top handle bags make a strong statement whenever worn. With their structured design and compact size, top handle bags bring a certain kind of elegance to whatever suit design they are paired with. Add a touch of sophistication to your closet with SAPPHIRE’s top handle bags in a range of soft and bold hues.

• Functional Cross Body

Compact and convenient, cross body bags are great for those who prefer a laid-back, hands-free approach to fashion. Featuring a long strap and a relatively smaller structure, cross body bags effortlessly add a casual touch to any look. Explore SAPPHIRE’s wide range of cross body bags now!

• Essential Totes

An evergreen favourite, tote bags are loved for their practical style! The versatility of totes makes them a go-to choice for those who prefer convenience over everything else this season and beyond. Browse through SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of tote bags to find your next everyday bag.

• Must-Have Wallets

Even the smallest accessory makes an impact in 2024! While wallets are often a neglected accessory, this year we are all about investing in high quality wallets from SAPPHIRE. Opt for a wallet in the same colour as your handbag or get your hands on a wallet in your favourite colour!

Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags
Shoes and Bags



As we embark upon our fashion journey for 2024, remember that accessories are just as important as the outfit! So come and explore SAPPHIRE’s latest collection of shoes and bags now.