TOP 3 Men’s Eastern Wear Looks for the Season

Change of season brings along the need for a change of wardrobe. Is it just us or do you agree that eastern men’s suits are the most comfortable choice of clothing in a period of transitioning weather? In Pakistan, many fashion houses focus on bringing their best feat forward by curating designer dresses in premium quality fabrics that are easy to wear, dapper-looking and long lasting. Sapphire’s Men’s Intermix’23 Stitched and Unstitched Collection features a versatile range of statement pieces which can be worn daily and at formal soirees. Ranging from gents kurta design, waistcoats and unstitched suits, this collection has all the solutions to your every day wardrobe crisis.

Changing weather can be tricky in terms of what to wear and what not to. Especially with the diverse weather conditions experienced in Pakistan, it can be tiresome to select the appropriate shalwar kameez design in a weather appropriate fabric. Follow our lead as we take you through our top 3 dapper looks that you can don every day and at special occasions during this seasonal shift.

1. Waistcoats for Men

2. Men’s Suits

3. Embroidered Kurtas

4. Premium Unstitched Fabrics

Waistcoats for Men

First on our list is a classic waistcoat for men. Waistcoats are the perfect accessory that a man can carry, they don’t just elevate one’s look but can be adorned over any type of shalwar kameez design be it a two piece suit or a kurta trouser design. We truly advocate that every man’s wardrobe must have this graceful accessory. If you’re always on the go and you find yourself in a need to change your outlook from every day wear to a formal wear, be it for a meeting or a family gathering, all you need to do is adorn a crisp waistcoat over your kurta design and you’re good to go. Our personal favourite is a sleek grey waistcoat which can be worn over any coloured shalwar kameez design from white, black to grey. Pair it with a peshawri chappal for a head-to-toe dapper look.


Men wearing waistcoats over shalwar kameez.

Shop waistcoats for men and shalwar kameez design for men from Sapphire’s Intermix’23 Stitched Collection

Men’s Suits

As seasonal change is in progress, focus on selecting appropriately fabricated gents shalwar kameez design which will keep you warm but will not give you a hot flash under a sunny sky. Wash & Wear fabric is a versatile piece of fabric which benefits the wearer as it runs smooth on the skin and has a luxurious appeal to it. Do you know what we like best about the Wash & Wear fabric? Their crease-resistant property- you need not worry about ironing the suit! How great is that? Incorporate these suits in various colours to your everyday office wear or adorn them to family gatherings, they are sure to uplift your look. For the current weather we recommend you to opt for light and breezy colours such as light blue, off white for daily wear and for evening soirees impress your audience with a black suit design.


Men wearing shalwar kameez design

Upgrade your men’s suits & shalwar kameez design from Sapphire’s clothing store.

Embroidered Kurtas

If you are looking for a change of look, try out embroidered kurta designs for men. Embroidery not just elevates the look of the wearer but brings panache and grace to the over all persona of the wearer. Note it down gentlemen, detailing matters. It is the little details that uplifts an individual’s personality. Bring substance to your outlook with intricately embroidered band necklines and sleeve detailing. Opt for a versatile colour pallet to make you stand out and pair gents kurta design with a neatly stitched trouser.

Men wearing kurta trouser

Refresh your men’s eastern wear wardrobe with embroidered gents kurta design.

Premium Unstitched Fabrics

If ready to wear clothing is not your forte do not fret, Sapphire’s Intermix’23 collection features premium quality unstitched fabrics in a diverse range of colours. Tailor these suits to your requirements and designs of your choice for an elevated look. Take notes from us and do not compromise on how you dress as it is the first thing that gets noticed about you.

Unstitched fabric

Shop unstitched shalwar kameez design online from Sapphire clothing store.

Bid farewell to the winter season and winter clothes. It’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with latest trends and designs. Stay ahead of the fashion game by dressing yourself in crisp and sharp outfits from Sapphire’s Intermix’23 collection. Opt for ready to wear dresses for a hassle-free wardrobe upgrade or tailor unstitched suits to your specifications and liking.