Buying Pakistani clothes abroad, especially for weddings and Eid, can be difficult. It's hard to find high-quality, trendy, and authentic dresses and suits from Pakistan.

As a Pakistani American, wearing cultural attire and designer dresses from your homeland is more than just a fashion statement. It represents your cultural heritage, showcases traditions, and displays your identity through your outfit.

Your outfit speaks volumes about where you come from and what you represent. Your style reflects your values and aesthetic, especially for traditional outfits. You should always invest in high-quality, durable fabric to ensure it lasts.

SAPPHIRE’s designer wear is not only trendy and durable but it also provides a wide variety of styles to choose from. SAPPHIRE ships to the USA and provides easy online shopping for customers abroad to buy Pakistani party wear.

This article will discuss in detail why SAPPHIRE is the best choice for you, if you have to order Pakistani designer wear which includes Pakistani salwar kameez, Pakistani suits, party wear or party dresses.

Why SAPPHIRE Stands Out

SAPPHIRE has carved out a niche for itself in the Pakistani fashion industry and amongst its customers. Our sales are a true testament to the value of our clothes, trendy and exceptional designs that beautifully blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary trends. Be it ready to wear or unstitched, SAPPHIRE takes the lead in Pakistani designer wear.

SAPPHIRE Online is a testament to our commitment to bringing Pakistani fashion closer to the global audience, especially the Pakistani American community, with new arrivals dropping so frequently, you don’t get to miss a thing!

SAPPHIRE’s user-friendly website provides a hassle-free and seamless shopping experience and it is particularly beneficial for the Pakistani American and Pakistani Canadian community living in America and Canada respectively, because it is hard to find traditional Pakistani clothing in stores at the malls there.

SAPPHIRE’s website has a very well-organized layout that puts new arrivals in one section, ladies unstitched and stitched (pret wear) in a separate section and offers a wide variety of sizes in the ready to wear section ranging all the way from XXS to XL.

Various models, influencers, and actors showcase the different ways in which each outfit can be worn and styled on the SAPPHIRE website, displaying high-resolution images.

SAPPHIRE’s fabrics are all very high quality. The suits are all crafted from top quality garments that ensure both comfort and durability. SAPPHIRE’s fabric stays the same after multiple washes.

For overseas Pakistanis this means access to clothes that are aesthetically trendy, long-lasting and also comfortable to wear in different climates, weathers and settings across the USA.

Despite high quality and design innovation, SAPPHIRE’s clothing is very reasonably priced and offers great value for money.

The great prices, coupled with regular sales and discounts makes SAPPHIRE a very attractive option for customers worldwide.

Here are top five reasons why you should shop for Pakistani clothes online at SAPPHIRE and opt for the direct USA shipping option:

1. Design Variety of Pakistani Suits

If you are looking for an anarkali suit or a simple salwar suit or salwar kameez stitched as per your liking, SAPPHIRE’s unstitched collection is the place for you to shop.

You can check out the day to day collection or the intermix collection that offers a wide variety of options for you to select from.

The best thing about unstitched clothes is that it gives you the option to style and stitch as per your liking.

You can purchase from our luxe collection and get that churidar or gharara that you really wanted to wear on Eid or at a formal wedding function.

This beautiful three piece embroidered organza suit in mustard color is a great option for a formal dress, you can stitch this in anarkali style or kurti/kurta style, and get either sharara pants to go with it or plain trousers. The raw silk fabric will work amazingly with both options.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Furthermore, you can add embellishments like more sequins or gota to the intricate embroidered patterns for an added layer of festive style to the outfit and use it for wedding wear or special occasions.

This grey straight kurta with sharara pants and dupatta with tassels is a great choice for a summer formal outfit.

Pakistani Dresses Online

If you’re looking for a navy blue outfit for this season, then this perfect A line shirt will elevate your style. The shirt features exquisite patterns and can be paired with printed culottes, or cambric salwar along with a printed tissue dupatta with tassels.

Pakistani Dresses Online

This beautiful magenta cambric suit is the perfect option for you to wear in the spring/summer months. You can wear it to a weekend brunch or a casual get together at a friend's place. It is trendy and comfortable, chic and bold.

Pakistani Dresses Online

This printed mauve cambric shirt and straight trousers is the perfect choice for a comfortable summer outfit.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Uplift your everyday style in this gorgeous teal, sea green & purple three-piece ensemble featuring polka dots.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Uplift your daily style with our off white/cream white A-line silhouette featuring intricate patterns in jacquard.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Nothing speaks of luxury chiffon like this three piece embroidered suit in a beautiful blush pink hue. Mesmerize in our three-piece suit featuring intricate patterns.

Pakistani Dresses Online

Be it a casual day out on a weekend or a grand or festive occasion like a nikkah ceremony, wedding or Eid, SAPPHIRE’s collection encompasses a wide range of styles, colors, fabrics, designs, patterns, prints, ranging all the way from traditional shalwar kameez, sarees, sharara/gharara styled pants, lehenga choli for little girls, frocks, various kinds of party dresses with embellishments and sequins.

SAPPHIRE west also has a great collection of contemporary fusion wear. The SAPPHIRE West collection ranges from tops, t-shirts, dresses, co-ord sets, jeans and many other essentials.

The fact that SAPPHIRE’s clothing is very versatile, allows the customers in the USA to find the attire that is suitable for various social occasions. Be it a cultural event, a family gathering or everyday wear, SAPPHIRE has got you covered!

2. Special Tailoring Services of Pakistani Dresses

Pakistani Dresses Online

One of the best features that SAPPHIRE provides is now, for people ordering from outside of Pakistan, is the tailoring service. Overseas Pakistanis are eligible to receive tailoring services from SAPPHIRE on their unstitched collection.

SAPPHIRE not only gives you the option to order Pakistani dresses online in the USA but also to get them stitched.

The best thing about purchasing the exclusive unstitched pieces that SAPPHIRE is offering is that you can stitch them as you please. With the unstitched fabric, the possibilities are endless.

This enhances your personal style and individuality. You can get as many Pakistani party dresses from the unstitched collection and get it tailored to your liking.

You can opt the style and length of your sleeves, whether you want to follow the trend with your shirt length or make a fashion statement of your own.

You can get plain salwar, trousers or pants or if you want a bolder look you can opt to get a sharara suit stitched with the shirt cut of your choice.

The high quality designs with intricate patterns and embroideries, are both durable and timeless. They can be tailored to your personal preferences, style and sensibilities.

The best thing about shopping from SAPPHIRE’s unstitched collection is that you can keep on wearing those designs over the years and style them in various ways as you please.

It is also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option as well as you can wear it year after year.

The quality of fabric is great and you don’t have to worry about the colors fading after several washes.

Quality is the cornerstone of SAPPHIRE’s fabrics. Their garments are premium quality, be it georgette, raw silk, chiffon, jacquard, lawn, cotton, dobby or cambric, all ensure comfort and durability.

The intricate patterns, embroideries and detailing is a testament to the great craftsmanship and SAPPHIRE’s dedication to maintaining high standards.

For Pakistanis living in America, this ensures that the clothes that they order and get stitched from SAPPHIRE, are going to be long-lasting, which is both economical and environmentally sustainable.

3. Direct Shipping Option

SAPPHIRE’s direct shipping option to the United States is a full game changer. It removes the hassle and all the extra cost that is associated with third party shipping services.

Overseas Pakistanis now don't have to rely on relatives to send them parcels as SAPPHIRE has provided them with a more feasible and economical option to purchase authentic designer dresses of Pakistani style.

If American or Canadian Pakistanis want to wear traditional pakistani/indian style dresses they don't have to wait for weeks to get their hands on the designs of their choice.

SAPPHIRE’s direct shipping also has a shorter waiting time for deliveries. This is a crucial factor for those planning for upcoming events, weddings or religious festivals like Eid.

4. Excellent Customer Service

SAPPHIRE’s excellent customer service further enhances the shopping experience for international clients.

SAPPHIRE understands the potential concerns and questions that customers may experience during online shopping and it offers excellent customer support.

SAPPHIRE’s customer service helps the clients with questions regarding sizing, shipping, after-sale services.

This ensures a smooth and satisfying shopping experience for the client, starting from the beginning and continuing until the end.

Customer service is even more important if you are an overseas client as you cannot physically walk into a store and take a feel of the outfit. In this regard, the SAPPHIRE customer team steps up and ensures that the customers have a smooth and easy experience while shopping for their clothes.

5. Size Inclusivity

Size inclusivity is a great aspect of SAPPHIRE’s popularity at home and abroad.

SAPPHIRE offers a wide range of sizes to their customers which ensures that everyone can find their perfect fit which they are most comfortable in.

SAPPHIRE’s ready to wear pret collection offers sizes all the way from extra extra small to extra large to ensure customers of all body types find something that fits them just the way they like without compromising on the style.


In conclusion, SAPPHIRE stands out as an unparalleled choice for individuals from the subcontinent who wish to wear stylish, trendy and authentic ethnic wear. SAPPHIRE brings high quality Pakistani craftsmanship to your doorstep in no time.

SAPPHIRE’s innovation with bespoke tailoring services is a game changer for people living abroad as they don’t have to worry about getting their clothes stitched from a third party. It saves time and money.

SAPPHIRE offers a wide range of styles and cuts in the pret/ready to wear collection and wonderful fabrics, embroideries and hues to select from in the unstitched collection.

The convenience of SAPPHIRE's online shopping experience, particularly its direct shipping to the USA, revolutionizes how Pakistani attire is accessed overseas.

This ease of access makes it a lot easier for customers to get their favorite clothes for every occasion rather than having to wait a long time to get their traditional clothes.

SAPPHIRE stands out among competitors not only for its exceptional collection but also for its commitment to customer convenience by offering direct shipping to the USA.

With a diverse range of clothing options that combine traditional Pakistani designs with modern trends, SAPPHIRE has become a go-to brand for fashion enthusiasts who appreciate quality and style. SAPPHIRE has made international customers happy by providing easy product access in the USA and delivering them to their doorstep. As a result, they have gained a strong group of loyal followers. They now have a strong group of loyal followers.

SAPPHIRE's commitment to providing a seamless shopping experience, from browsing their diverse range of clothing options to hassle-free delivery, showcases their dedication to customer satisfaction.

With SAPPHIRE, fashion knows no boundaries, and you can confidently stand out in the latest designs inspired by the rich heritage of Pakistan.

So why wait?

Experience the unrivaled charm of SAPPHIRE and embrace your fashionable journey that transcends borders.

Whether you are searching for elegant formal wear or trendy casual outfits, SAPPHIRE provides a seamless shopping experience and ensures that fashion knows no borders.

Shop with SAPPHIRE and let your style journey soar to new heights with party wear dresses at your doorstep in no time!