The Remarkably Informative Anatomy Of A Trouser, Shalwars, Pants & More

Pakistani Eastern wear gives you plenty of options to select from when it comes to bottoms. Shawlars are a wardrobe staple and the easiest top choice for bottoms but they also come in a variety of designs and fabrics so it can be difficult to decide which one works best for your personal style. Sapphire offers a great deal of variety when it comes to shalwars: from tulip shalwars to more traditional cuts adorned with embroidery in raw silk, cambric, cotton fabrics.

There is a lot that goes into the making of a trouser. From determining the hem style, to figuring out the exact amount of flare or how narrow the bottom needs to be, there is a lot of work that goes behind the scenes before you are presented with the perfect bottom to pair with your top.

Other than the traditional salwar, Sapphire offers culottes, cigarette pants, straight pants and boot cut pants in premium and luxurious fabrics.

While we all know that fashion trends keep changing but when it comes to selecting the right trouser to go with your kurta, kurti or kameez, this guide will help inform you about everything you need to know about shalwars, trousers, culottes, pants and tulip shalwars.

The designers at Sapphire have carefully curated a collection of bottoms of various styles, lengths and cuts. From the wide legged culotte, the narrow leg hugging tulip shalwar, straight cut cigarette pants to our traditional Pakistani shalwar.

1. Your Guide to Sapphire’s Trouser Collection

When it comes to trousers and pants, Sapphire ensures their quality is the best by using the highest quality fabrics. The fashion designers at Sapphire work hard to ensure that each design is exclusive, trendy and à la mode.

If you are looking for a casual dress, or something for your daily wear, formal wear or party wear, Sapphire’s design team works hard to make sure that you get the trendiest bottoms for all kinds of tops. .

. Shalwars

Shalwars have been a part of the quintessential Pakistani national dress code for decades. Traditionally, they used to be held up by a drawstring or elastic belt, which caused them to become pleated around the waist. Whereas, now modern cuts have elastic stitches in the waistband allowing the cut to be slightly narrow but still having the same graceful fall at the bottom.

Salwars can be a part of a formal dress code or can be worn in a casual way. Salwar kameez is a standard wardrobe staple.

Khaddar Shalwar

Khaddar is a must-have fabric for winters. This Khaddar salwar from Sapphire’s winter collection can be worn with different kurtas, solids or embroidered. Black is a universal color and can be used with various color combinations including maroon, off-white, scarlet, or yellow.


Cambric Shalwar

Cambric is a fine yet dense cloth and this traditional cambric shalwar will provide comfort and warmth in the winter months.


Raw Silk Shalwar

Raw silk is a luxuriously smooth, delicate and fine fabric that has a nubby texture. A raw silk shalwar in white is a wardrobe staple for summer, winter, autumn or spring! It can be dressed up and worn at an event or Eid or can be used for everyday wear.

Sapphire’s raw silk material is of the highest quality and the seamless stitching makes the raw silk shalwar an essential for your wardrobe


Embroidered Recycled Cotton Shalwar

Sapphire’s recycled cotton is an eco-friendly fabric alternative. This absolutely stunning black hued shalwar made with recycled cotton featuring embroidered hem gives an elevated look.

You can pair with a plain top for a casual, everyday look or with an embroidered top for a formal look.


. Culottes

Embroidered Cotton Culottes

Sapphire offers a wide range of variety in culottes with different colors and embroidery styles. You can easily uplift your outfit with these black culottes, accented with an embroidered hem, can be worn with a long kameez or a short top for a fusion look.

With culottes, the style options are endless!


. Pants

Khaddar Cigarette Pants


Designed for a tapered silhouette with the length just hinting a little below the ankles, cigarette pants are a great choice for a modern look.

They can be worn with Eastern or Western tops. These khaddar cigarette pants in off white are an excellent choice to have in your wardrobe as they provide numerous versatile styling options.

Mélange Cigarette Pants


These gray hued cigarette pants with scalloped hem will add that extra oomph to your outfit. They can be paired with a wide variety of shirts from Sapphire’s stitched winter collection. Uplift your outfit with these gray melange cigarette pants.

Embroidered Raw Silk Pants


The accented floral hem of these gorgeous embroidered white raw silk pants make them a must-have!

They make for the perfect formal bottom that can be paired with a printed silk tunic or an embroidered silk kameez.

These raw silk pants should come off your wish list and should enter your cart as your do online shopping, so you can order it right away and wear it as soon as possible, before they get sold out!

. Tulip Shalwars

Cambric Tulip Shalwar

Shaped like a tulip flower, these beautiful shalwars add a touch of elegance and grace to your outfit. The twist in the stitching of these adds an extra layer of sophistication to your persona.

Cambric is a great fabric to wear in these winter months and having a white, all rounder tulip shalwar in your wardrobe will make your daily selection of outfits easier and chic!


2. Men’s Shalwar Kameez Design Collection

When it comes to men’s clothing in Pakistan, one can never go wrong with a traditional shalwar kameez. Sapphire offers our Pakistani gents, a wide variety of options when it comes to menswear, ideal for causal, festive or formal events:

Stitched Kurtas for Men

Alexander McQueen once said, “menswear is about subtlety, it is about good style and good taste.” Sapphire is showcasing just that in our latest kurta collection. There is a wide range of fabrics, colors and designs for you to choose from when it comes to men’s kurta collection.

Whether you prefer plain solids, digital prints or embroidered kurtas, there is a little something for everyone!


The menswear design team at Sapphire has aesthetically curated a collection of salwars and trousers in neutral hues that can be paired with all your bespoke kurtas.

Prince coats

Anyone can dress up as prince charming in Sapphire’s latest collection of elegant and classic prince coats.


With the festive season just around the corner, Sapphire offers traditional sherwanis that can be worn at formal events, from mehndis, barats all the way to qawalis. These sherwanis will make heads turn at any formal event you go!


Waistcoats can turn any casual shalwar kameez into a formal attire. Sapphire offers a range of solid, textured, and embroidered men’s waistcoats to win a million compliments.

The fabric ranges from plain solid colored cotton waistcoats, all the way to embroidered and raw silk pieces for more festive occasions.

Kurta Shalwar/ Kurta Pajama

From the classic kurta shalwar to stylish kurta trouser, Sapphire has a wide range of kurta designs and colors for you to select from.

. Men’s classic stitched shalwar and kurta

Cotton Satin Suit


One can never go wrong with a classic black shalwar kameez suit in their wardrobe, especially for the winter season. Can be worn formally or casually, black shalwar kameez is always a great choice.

. Looking at the Sherwani Collection

Jamawar Sherwani

This traditional off white and gold jamawar sherwani exudes elegance, opulence, grace and class. Shop for this sherwani for a regal look.


Velvet Sherwani

Velvet is the king of all fabrics during the winter season. This black velvet sherwani, with a band neckline and gold buttons is everything you need to stand out during the festive season.

. A Peek into the Waist Coat Collection

Pure Wool Waistcoat

A pure woolen waistcoat keeps you warm and also makes you look elegant and make a fashion statement wherever you go.



Tropical Fabric Waistcoat

This tropical fabric waistcoat in a gray-blue check pattern can be paired with various hues of blues and grays. Tropical fabric can be worn all year round and you can never go wrong with a versatile waistcoat in your wardrobe!


3. Top Three Style Trends From Sapphire

The trouser, pants or shalwar is key to defining the overall style of your ensemble. Our design team has carefully curated a wide variety of bottoms for you to choose from when selecting your outfit. Here are the top three style trends from Sapphire for bottoms:

Boot Cut Pants


The slightly dramatic bootcut style that adds little flare to your trouser’s hem and also to your outfit.

Bootcut pants can be worn with longer or shorter shirts or even tunics for a boho look.

Traditional Shalwars

One can never go wrong with a traditional shalwar waiting to be paired with a kurta, kurti or kameez and adorned with a dupatta for a conventional look.

Shalwars are an evergreen choice to complete your outfit and as of late, they have made a comeback and are here to stay!

Straight Pants

Straight pants showcase style and sophistication and can be worn with any kind of a kurta to create an utmost elegant look.

4. Conclusion

There is a lot that goes into creating the perfect trouser, pant or shalwar. The fashion designers at Sapphire work hard to ensure that you find the perfect bottom for your style and aesthetic sense that matches perfectly with your kurta, kurti or kameez!