Girl wearing Blue Dress

The days are getting colder, the lights are getting brighter, and the motivation to go to work is getting lower; peak winter season is here and if you’re like us, you must also be looking left, right, and centre to get some inspiration on how to make the most of the season in suits that will make you feel like your best self!

Today, inspiration takes the form of three of our favourite winter fabrics: organza, khaddar, and jacquard from our range of ready to wear dresses to give you Pakistani dresses featuring designer dresses and a versatile range of ladies suit designs that will elevate your daily style, upgrade your festive fashion, and curate statement looks that you’ll look back at, years from now.





Girl wearing Fancy Dress
Girl wearing Fancy Dress


Say hello to the festive season in our stunning organza dresses!

With soft pastels, rich jewel tones, classic monochromes, and everything else in between, our Ready To Wear range has something for everyone! Our powder blue embellished organza dress is perfect for the busy bridesmaid who needs to follow the theme to a tee but doesn’t have the time to pay the tailor a visit, the over-indulgent bride-to-be who still has to build her festive wardrobe needs to get her hands on our richly embroidered berry hued long kurti design, and for the extra wedding guest, who needs to make a statement no matter whose wedding she’s attending, our pastel open shirt paired with matching flared capri design is picture-perfect!

Girl wearing Organza Dress

With a plethora of cuts, styles, and silhouettes, these stitched organza suits include flowy angrakhas, traditional shalwar kameez, contemporary flared pants, elegant long kurti designs with matching capri pants or tulip shalwar. This means that whether you are someone who likes to keep it classic or set the trends by experimenting with the newest vogue styles, this collection will help you become your most authentic and fashionable self this festive season. Say yes to the (organza) dress this wedding season and just see how quickly all your festive dreams come to life!


Is there anything that screams winter as much as khaddar?

When you think about frosty Monday nights spent in front of the fireplace, foggy Wednesday mornings going to the office, or rainy Saturday evenings roaming around old Lahore, Khaddar has to be the fabric you imagine yourself wearing and why wouldn’t you? Everyone who loves eastern wear knows that no fabric is as suited for harsh winter weather as khaddar; pair it with a matching or contrasting shawl and you’ve got yourself an outfit that is warm yet sophisticated!

Girl wearing Khaddar Dress

Imagine wearing our soft khaddar dresses, shawl draped over your shoulders, subtle eye makeup, bold lips, and your favourite earrings dangling against the winter wind – are you in the mood to shop some of our khaddar dresses yet? We sure are! If you are someone who likes to match, you’d love our printed khaddar dresses that are paired with matching shawls but if you aren’t a fan of shawls, prefer sweaters, or just don’t feel cold enough yet, our vibrant khaddar kurti designs are the way to go!


If you’re like us and still haven’t figured out what exactly jacquard is, allow us to elaborate! While a quick Google search will tell you that jacquard is simply a type of fabric, pattern, or a specific technique of weaving, a MUCH simpler definition is one that simply associates jacquard as being a regal fabric. So, on days when you feel like channeling the essence of royalty or you just want to make a splash, jacquard is the way to go!

One of the best things about jacquard dresses is that they come in a WIDE variety of options which means that they can be worn almost anywhere this winter season. The fabric is widely known for its sometimes subtle, yet sometimes bold, gold and silver embellishments which add to the extravagant aspect of jacquard. Jacquard dresses that can be styled on the go tend to have embossed illustrations usually in a similar colour to the canvas of the fabric which gives it a softer look that can be utilised for winter dinner parties and evening soirees– one of our favourite dresses for such events is our black embroidered jacquard number which is decorated with contrasting illustrations and paired with a pink extra weft jacquard dupatta design to give a polished look! Talking about the versatility of jacquard as a fabric, heavily embellished jacquard outfits, such as our favourite maroon embroidered three piece suit, are perfect for creating a statement for a wedding event! Complete the outfit with shimmery eye makeup, traditional statement jhumkay, and a sleek bun to create your favourite look this festive season!


Aren’t you inspired yet? We sure are! Whether you are more into festive fashion or an elevated everyday look for your daily style, there is something you will definitely love from our wide array of fabrics, silhouettes, and designs! Right now is the time to go to our website or simply visit the SAPPHIRE store closest to you to refresh your winter wardrobe ASAP!