The summer season is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup looks and a great way to do that is by investing in bright, bold, shimmery, and nude nail polishes that will instantly elevate your look!

Make the most of Mani-Monday (or any other day) by treating your nails to SAPPHIRE Beauty’s summer nail colours; choose from serene blues, Barbie-pinks, shimmery golds, classic reds, dreamy pastels, and much more to complete your summer look.

Without further ado, let’s explore 7 of SAPPHIRE’s must-have women nail polish options for summer!

Nail polish images
Shilow nail polish
Shilow nail polish
Shilow nail polish


Embrace the beauty of pastels with a dreamy shade of lavender or lilac!

There’s something so trendy, yet so timeless about lavender nails and SAPPHIRE Beauty’s Shilow nail polish is the perfect shade to choose. Soft enough for the minimalist yet statement enough for the trendsetter, this kind of shade is one that you can wear for a garden party, a stroll on the beach, or just running errands.

Whether you choose to place an order now online or visit SAPPHIRE’s stores, just don’t forget to add this must-have shade to you shopping cart!

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Shilow.

Chocolate nail polish
Ash Wood nail polish
Ash Wood nail polish
Perfect Nude nail polish


Keep it neutral with SAPPHIRE Beauty’s range of nude nail polishes!

Nude nail polishes are a versatile summer option since they complement a variety of outfits and skin tones. This kind of shade is perfect for the woman who likes to keep it chic and minimal, while making her hands look polished and prepped.

This timeless nail polish is available in a plethora of hues, and depending on your skin tone and personal preference you can choose SAPPHIRE Beauty’s Chocolate, Ash Wood, Shimmer Blush, Perfect Nude, or Pastel Peach nail colour as your ideal nude nail polish.

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Chocolate, Ash Wood, Shimmer Blush, Perfect Nude & Pastel Peach.

Frost Mint nail polish
Bay Breeze nail polish
Pale Seafoam nail polish


While blue nail polish might not be everyone’s cup of tea, those who do regularly wear it swear by it!

There’s something so refreshing about a blue manicure in the summer season; imagine laying by the poolside, mocktail in blue manicured hand, and sunglasses on top of your hand – if this isn’t your summer fantasy, I don’t know what is!

Whether you opt for a pastel shade of blue such as SAPPHIRE’s Frost Mint or Pale Seafoam nail polish, or a more vibrant burst of color with Bay Breeze, a blue nail polish is one that you definitely need to add to your collection this summer.

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Frost Mint, Bay Breeze & Pale Seafoam.

Rose Gold nail polish
Rose Gold nail polish
Shimmer Gold nail polish
Shimmer Gold nail polish


When glitz ‘n ‘ glam is on your mind, shimmery nail polishes are the way to go!

To take your nail game to the next level, metallic shades are a must; opt for SAPPHIRE Beauty’s Rose Gold or Shimmer Gold nail polish shades to make your nails shine and glisten underneath the radiance of the summer sun.

Not only do these shades instantly add glamour to your overall look, but they are also extremely versatile which makes them absolutely necessary for your summer nail polish collection.

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Rose Gold & Shimmer Gold.

Scarlet nail polish
Rose nail polish


To no one’s surprise, a classic red nail polish is our number 1 for the season!

This nail colour is a timeless and versatile option that instantly makes you look more confident and put together. No matter if you are attending a festive soiree or just going about town, a red nail polish never lets you down.

Opt for Scarlet from SAPPHIRE Beauty for a classic red nail and Rose for a darker manicure that will look SO good if you have a deeper skin tone!

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Scarlet & Rose.

Old Rose nail polish
Orlando nail polish
Sugar N Spice nail polish
Oyster Pink nail polish


We’ll be the first to admit that Barbie-core is at the forefront of almost all of our beauty and fashion choices in 2023, which is why we absolutely need to include the perfect pink nail polish in our list.

Enhance feminine flair or simply pay homage to the little girl inside you by wearing the most perfect pink nail polish for you. Keep it fun and flirty with a fuchsia pink shade, soft and summery with a blush pink shade, and go full Barbie with a poppin’ pink that will DEFINITELY make a statement!

Some of our favourite pinks from SAPPHIRE Beauty include Old Rose, Orlando, Sugar N Spice, and Oyster Pink. Shop now or regret later!

Recommendations from SAPPHIRE Beauty: Old Rose, Orlando, Sugar N Spice & Oyster Pink.

Top Coat nail polish

7. Honourable Mention: TOP COAT

While not a specific colour, a good Top Coat is an essential addition to your summer nail polish collection!

Not only does it provide a protective layer, but it also enhances the shine as well as the longevity of whatever nail colour you apply so it doesn’t chip earlier than it absolutely has to.

SAPPHIRE Beauty’s Top Coat is quick drying, long-lasting, and has a history of going out of stock very, very quickly. Shop now because this is one nail polish purchase you really cannot delay!


Make your nails the star of the show this summer with SAPPHIRE Beauty’s must-have nail polish shades. From soft pastels to shimmery metallics, nail polishes are a great way to instantly add glamour to your look.

Shop this list now to make the most of the summer season!