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Discover SAPPHIRE’s exclusive collection of Chaddars from Modest Wear. Featuring a captivating blend of style, grace, and versatility, our Chaddars are the perfect companion for this season and beyond. Experience a spectrum of colours with soft muted tones and regal classic hues, decorated with intricate embroideries and subtle embellishments. With a wide range of designs available, our Chaddars can be donned for both formal and casual outings; opt for solid Chaddars for every day and embellished Chaddars for festive occasions. Effortlessly wrap them over your shoulders for a sophisticated appearance or elegantly drape them over your head for a gracefully modest look. A testament to refined taste and understated elegance, our Chaddars are perfect for covering up or elevating your ensemble with a touch of sophistication. Seamlessly transition from one look to another with our Chaddars, available in premium fabrics that offer utmost breathability and the most beautiful drape.