All The Secrets You Need To Know About Sapphire's 2023 Lawn Collection

In Pakistan, the arrival of spring brings with itself the promise of a new chapter each year. As winter loses its grip over the weather, spring time enters with all its bloom. It is the time of blossoming flowers, of sunny and warm days, and it is also the time of the year when shoppers start seeking lawn designs from their favorite Pakistani designers.

Over the decades, springtime has morphed into the time of year when customers go on a shopping spree, to purchase their favorite lawn designs of the season and to update their wardrobes. The shopping craze for lawn has seen substantial growth over the years to the point that the term “lawn season” is now synonymous with spring time.

Lawn is a very important fabric for a country like Pakistan that experiences hot weather for most of the year.

Over the years, the lawn industry has grown at a spectacular rate and lawn dress designs have evolved drastically.

It is also the time of the year when Pakistani designers get to showcase the latest fashion in the industry through their lawn collections.

In 2023, Sapphire brings to you, the highest quality latest lawn collection with exclusive designs and exotic hues that will carry you into the summer season in zest and style. Lawn season begins as early as mid-February and lasts till the end of September.

As soon as the lawn season starts, television commercials, billboards, flyers, magazines, online and print advertisements, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok - all work in perfect harmony to exhibit the latest summer lawn dresses, all the spectacular dress designs and all the beautiful and exquisite colors, shades and patterns of lawn collections.

Over the years, Sapphire has kept up with the trends and given its customers extremely beautiful and delicate high quality lawn dress designs on premium lawn fabric at great prices.

This article will showcase Sapphire’s 2023 latest lawn collection and give you secret insights about designs, hues, patterns and what to expect when you shop the ready to wear and unstitched dress collection.

The History of Summer Lawn fabric

Originally, the term “lawn” was widely used for fine linen fabric that had an open texture and it used to be called linen lawn.

The name “lawn cloth” comes from the French city of Laon, which was where this textile was first woven.

Over the years in Pakistan, with an abundance of locally grown cotton, the “lawn linen” fabric morphed into a new blend, replacing linen with cotton and became “cotton lawn.”

The breathability of this lightweight fabric instantly made it a major hit due to the hot summer weather in the region. People prefer wearing feathery and airy fabrics to prevent heat from creating a warm layer between their skin and the fabric.

Most importantly, lawn fabric can be dyed very easily and also it can be easily printed on as well. This made it a hit in the textile industry in Pakistan.

With these amazing features, lawn fabric became an instant hit with customers as well as the textile industry.

Lawn dresses have established their stronghold in Pakistani fashion during the hot summer months since decades now and with the evolution of designer lawn suits, that exhibit trendy dress designs each season, with volumes and volumes of designs and options to choose from in each lawn collection, the lawn craze isn’t going anywhere. It is here to stay!

Whether it is stitched or unstitched, a full three-piece suit or just separates, casual or party wear, lawn dominates in all categories.

In casual wear, people prefer printed lawn or plain lawn kurtis or comfortable frock designs and for party wear, there are embroidered three-piece lawn suits with chiffon dupattas.

Full three-piece lawn suits require tailoring, so for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of getting an unstitched suit tailored, there is always the option of ready to wear lawn kurtis or kameez with trousers.

As a clothing brand Sapphire has never stopped to please its customers, each year Sapphire’s lawn collections have been a huge hit with the customers with newer prints every year that are embellished with intricate embroideries and exotic designs.

Sapphire's 2023 Lawn Collection

Why Should You Purchase Lawn Dresses?

Lawn is the king of fabrics. It rules when it comes to wearability during hot summer months that is why all designers feature lawn fabric in their summer collection.

In countries like Pakistan that have temperate climate and hot summers, it is the ideal fabric because it allows air circulation in and out of the body.

Pakistani lawn is of high quality and has great designs in women’s clothing that is why lawn is the choicest fabric for Pakistani women.

Cooling Effect

Lawn fabric has an overall cooling effect on the body. This is due to the fact that this fabric allows body heat to dissipate.

Cotton lawn fabric also doesn’t absorb the smell of perspiration like other lighter fabrics like linen. Printed lawn fabric tends to soothe your sweat and results in a cooling feeling over the body. So if you are wearing a lawn kameez, you will instantly feel a cooling and soothing effect on your body despite the hot weather if you step out.

This great cooling fabric when comes in vibrant colors and beautiful designs, it becomes an irresistible treat to wear in warm summer months.

Suitable For Sensitive Skins

For people that have sensitive skins or skin problems in general, should always make sure that they use fabric that is lightweight and soft.

Lawn fabric ticks both these categories and hence makes for the ideal fabric to be purchased by customers that have sensitive skin.

Other synthetic fabrics cause skin rashes and irritate the skin if perspiration occurs, and at times also cause allergic reactions.

Sapphire’s 2023 Lawn Collection offers soft and subtle pastel hues that have an instant calming and cooling effect in summer.

Sapphire’s Lawn Collection 2023 offers amazing design patterns, embellishments, embroideries, lawn prints to make your summer wardrobe comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Convenient And Comfortable

Lawn fabric is a very comfortable fabric to adorn. It looks fashionable and chic and at the same time it is very smooth to our skin.

This fabric is also known for its above-average thermal conductivity, which makes it an excellent fabric to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially in Pakistani summers.

Gender Neutral

As a lightweight summer fabric, lawn has a very special place in both womens and mens wardrobes. It is the most comfortable summer fabric available anywhere in the world.

Lawn fabric provides a cooling system for the body and also absorbs water at a great rate. It is affordable and is readily available in the market.

It can be worn by women or men as it is a very comfortable and appropriate fabric for warmer months.

All these reasons prove why it is important to purchase lawn fabric during summer months in Pakistan, as this fabric has numerous benefits.

As of late, due to the lunar calendar settings, Eid also has been coming during summer months. Sapphire will be launching an exclusive printed lawn Eid Collection with stylish, elegant and trendy dress designs that will be lightweight and comfortable as well. So keep an eye out!

Sneak peak into Sapphire’s 2023 lawn collection

Sapphire’s 2023 lawn collection is full of vibrant, colorful and florid designs. The 2023 lawn collection is themed a “symphony of colors.”

Brighten up your summer wardrobe and revamp your style with Sapphire’s 2023 lawn collection that will give you the pop of color you need to brighten up your everyday style.

From bright tribal prints in bold hues to muted, dainty and elegant pastel shades, Sapphire is offering a wide range of selection in the 2023 lawn collection.

From blooming floral designs, geometric patterns, solids, all the way to embroidered classics, there is a great variety of styles and patterns to choose from.

For some extra added value, some designs also offer organza embroidery bases that can be stitched on the suit to further enhance your outfits and turn them into formal wear.

Sapphire’s 2023 lawn collection offers great, timeless designs on high quality fabric. Despite offering a great value for prices, Sapphire doesn’t compromise on quality.

Unstitched Lawn Collection 2023

Sapphire’s 2023 unstitched lawn collection features elite fashion at its finest. This year’s unstitched collection has a little something for everyone.

From geometric prints, chicken kari, florals and a myriad of beautiful textures and colors, you will find all the top 2023 summer Pakistani trends in our lawn collection.

When it comes to unstitched Pakistani dresses, we know that they can be styled in more ways than one because they require tailoring which gives you the option to design your clothes according to your personal taste.

This year, Sapphire’s unstitched collection has a great variety of designs that are especially curated to cater to Gen Z and millennials as well as Gen X and boomers.

There is a whole range of designs that will attract the younger generations. The best thing about purchasing the exclusive unstitched pieces that Sapphire is offering is that they can be stitched as you please. They enhance your personal style and individuality.

With the unstitched fabric, the possibilities are endless. You can opt the style and length of your sleeves, whether you want to follow the trend with your shirt length or make a fashion statement of your own.

The high quality lawn designs are durable and timeless. They can be tailored to your personal preferences, style and sensibilities.

The best thing about shopping from Sapphire’s unstitched designer lawn collection is that you can keep on wearing those designs over the years and style them in various ways as you please.

It is also a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option as well as you can wear it year after year. The quality of fabric is great and you don’t have to worry about the colors fading after several washes.

Ready To Wear Lawn Collection 2023

Sapphire’s 2023 pret collection offers formal wear as well as day to day wear on high quality fabric.

You can find a variety of colors and designs in lawn shirts, matching separates, co-ord sets and some classic embroidered pieces that showcase modern fashion and are easy and comfortable to wear.

Sapphire’s 2023 summer pret collection is durable and lasting. The fabric quality is of the highest standard and the designs are lasting and very practical.

Sapphire’s ready to wear lawn collection offers a wide range of trendy shirts in kurta style and kameez styles that can be paired with tights or white shalwars for a breezier summer option.

The matching separates can be worn together or can be styled with a solid kurta or trouser option. There is always the option to mix and match to enhance your personal style.

Sapphire offers great styles, high quality fabric with an added bonus of amazing prices.


Relying on the practice of design and art in its true form, Sapphire’s expertise has evolved to create and launch designs that are aesthetic pleasing and aligns with the culture of the subcontinent.

Sapphire’s 2023 lawn collection offers a dazzling range of clothes with the theme of “symphony of colors.” In the collection you will find exclusive designs in vibrant hues that not only provide us with an aura of flair and grace but also give each of our valued customers a chance to enhance their own style this summer.

This article showcases the importance of lawn fabric in a country like Pakistan that experiences hot summers, which leads to a great demand for lightweight, breathable fabric. Over the years Sapphire has provided its customers with amazing lawn collections and this year, we are back with yet another vibrant and colorful collection for our valued customers.