SAPPHIRE DHA store front

SAPPHIRE relaunched its iconic store in Y- Block Lahore on Monday, the 6th of November 2023.

Situated in the heart of Defence, this outlet is the latest next generation store that promises an elevated retail experience. Employing cutting-edge design and technology, SAPPHIRE brings its customers a one-of-a-kind shopping destination that perfectly marries timeless aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities.

Step into the future of shopping and embark upon a transformative experience at SAPPHIRE’S Y- Block store. Browse through the various categories offered, prepare to be captivated by the stunning décor, and get ready to be elated with the fun surprise features this new store offers.

Without further ado, let’s delve into all that SAPPHIRE’s newly revamped Y- Block store offers!



Mirroring the structure and design of SAPPHIRE’s next generation in Wapda Town Lahore, the newly relaunched Y - Block store takes things up a notch with awe-inspiring installations that are artfully placed throughout the structure.

- Front Façade

As you walk towards the store, the first thing you are greeted by is the captivating front façade outside the building. An architectural marvel that operates as an opaque window during the daytime and transitions into an extraordinary light and colour spectacle at night, this first display serves as a prelude of all that awaits the customers inside the store.

- Floor To Ceiling Installation

Inside the store, the massive SMD is the first thing that catches your eyes; an installation that start from behind the counter and continues all the way to the ceiling, this SMD is a technological marvel that displays 3D commissioned artwork that elevates the entire retail experience.

- Dappled Ceiling

In the second floor, the Home section is adorned with a dappled metal ceiling that is yet another example of the innovative design techniques SAPPHIRE has employed for the building of this next generation store. This ceiling perfectly blends modern aesthetics with dreamy details that make shopping at SAPPHIRE Y- Block a treat in itself.

Ready To Wear Section
Unstitched Floor


A comprehensive destination for all things fashion and lifestyle, SAPPHIRE’s Y- Block store hosts almost all of its bestselling categories, including Unstitched, Ready To Wear, West, Beaty, Home, and Menswear, to cater to the needs of the entire family.

- Unstitched

The entire basement is dedicated to SAPPHIRE’s bestselling category: Unstitched! Featuring solid, printed, and embroidered 1-piece, 2-piece, and 3-piece suit designs for all occasions, unstitched is a category that cannot be missed!

- Beauty

On the ground floor, an entire section is devoted to the stunning Beauty display that showcases SAPPHIRE’s premium range of cosmetics and fragrances. This is the place you need to go to for swatching, testing, and discovering your next favourite lipstick shade or signature scent.

- Ready To Wear

For all the people who prefer readymade dress designs, the Ready To Wear section is the place to be. With a range of kurta designs, matching separates, 3-piece suits, long frock designs, trouser designs, and so much more, you will definitely find something to wear and love from this part of the store.

- West

Next to the Ready To Wear section, SAPPHIRE West designs are also placed. A favourite amongst the younger crowd, the latest designs from West are a perfect mix of trendy and chic for all season long, no matter what your personal style maybe.

- Home

The second floor is divided between our Home and Menswear categories but if we have to admit, the Home section at Y-Block store might be our favourite! With a cosy display of bed linen, bath linen, table linen, and so much more, this is that one category you will end up shopping without even intending to!

- Menswear

The last category that the store stocks is Menswear which includes both stitched and unstitched pieces. Opt for premium fabrics for men or choose readymade kurta designs, suit designs, waistcoats, and more to look dapper all season long!

Gifting Station


The best part of this newly relaunched store might just be its special features that elevate this particular next gen store a notch above the rest to create a more immersive shopping experience.

- Fitting Rooms

More than functional spaces to just try on your clothes, this store features luxurious dressing rooms that will help enhance your try-on session by creating a space that is comfortable yet polished.

- Gift Station

Another fun feature is the Gifting Station where you can get whatever you buy from the store wrapped in a variety of wrapping papers, inspired by SAPPHIRE’s designs, to make every gift giving experience a unique one! This will also save you the hassle of wrapping stuff on your own or having to go to another store to get it wrapped.

- Customisation Corner

The last but definitely not the least is SAPPHIRE’s first ever Customisation Corner! Situated on the first floor, this is the place where you can get any item customised by getting it altered, repaired, or monogrammed at the comfort of the Y- Block store.

Floor to ceiling SMD


We know that this must have convinced you how amazing SAPPHIRE’s latest next generation store in Y Block, Lahore is but if not, pay us a visit at our latest store to experience the future of fashion today!