2023 has been marked by the return of timeless heritage designs, the celebration of traditional craftsmanship, and the rekindling of classic style. Within this cultural renaissance, SAPPHIRE’s latest readymade block print dress designs stand at the forefront, inviting fashion enthusiasts to drape themselves in the stories and artistry of bygone eras - beautifully reimagined for the present moment with this exclusive collection.

Explore the world of block print with us by going back to its history, its cultural significance, its existence in today’s fashion landscape, and lastly styling possibilities to make it more wearable for this season and beyond.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks


A craft deeply rooted in our rich cultural history, block print designs have adorned textile for centuries since their origin in ancient China around 220 AD. This technique reached the Indian Sub-Continent in the 12th century through trading and soon become an integral part of the textile traditions of Gujrat and Rajasthan in India.

Today, block print is synonymous with eastern elegance in Pakistan, decorating a variety of textile pieces such as bed linen, suit designs, dupatta designs, accessories, and so much more. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of this design form, SAPPHIRE has infused its readymade ensembles for winter with this exquisite art style. Employing traditional techniques, this range of dress designs celebrate the timelessness of block print while offering a contemporary twist to this classic aesthetic.


The core of block printing lies in the skill of the artisan who meticulously crafts the masterpiece however, let’s first do a deep dive into the many steps it takes to create a block printed garment.

Initially the artisan carefully curates a well thought out design on the block by carving away all the negative space. The block is either made from wood or linoleum and the choice of material is important since different blocks give different results; wooden blocks are known for their durability and their ability to easily holds intricate designs while linoleum blocks offer a more contemporary option that allows for more detail in the chosen design. Once the wooden or linoleum block is carved, the raised surface of the block is inked and then pressed on to the chosen canvas, which in SAPPHIRE’s case is the fabric with which the block print suit designs are made, to transfer the pattern. Sometimes repetitive patterns are made to create a uniform impact or different designs can also be chosen to create a more unique design, that is harder to replicate.

Beyond the historical and cultural significance, block printing acts as a medium of artistic expression, allowing the individual to create unique, one-of-kind, hand crafted pieces of art and SAPPHIRE’s latest readymade collection highlights just this.

Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks


In the world of fast fashion, traditional handmade techniques such as block printing signals the revival of more conscious fashion choices.

Modern day block print designs act as wearable pieces of art that beautifully encapsulate our rich cultural tapestry. The intricate prints, created with the utmost attention to detail, showcase the timelessness of this art form. Recognising the environmental impact of fast fashion, SAPPHIRE has taken certain steps towards sustainability and its choice to come out with a block print range is yet another feather in its cap; block printing techniques help incorporate traditional processes and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the region by promoting eco-friendly fashion choices. Shop SAPPHIRE Ready To Wear – Winter Collection, Block Print range where each suit design tells a story of tradition, sustainability, and timelessness.

Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks
Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks


Now that we have established the rich cultural history of block print, let’s explore some of the ways in which we can style SAPPHIRE’s block print dress designs for the season.


The chill of the winter season always calls for some extra layers and our block print outfits are the perfect option to style. You can style our block print kurta design with a solid trouser design, wear it as printed matching separates, or add the matching waistcoat on top for that extra touch. This layering of similar designs in the same colour family adds more dimension to the outfit without it ever looking too much.


Another great way to lean into the versatility of block print suit designs is by pairing it with bold makeup looks. You can opt for a smoky eye look, a bright nail polish, or a statement red lipstick to juxtapose the classic and understated details of the block print outfits. This is also a good option as it helps add your own unique touch to a simple dress design.


You can also make the block print suit design completely your own by mixing and matching it with other pieces of clothing. Pair black block printed matching separates with a mustard block printed waistcoat to add a fun pop of colour. Or create fusion looks by pairing block printed waistcoats from SAPPHIRE with a simple black western top for women and a good pair of jeans – the possibilities are endless where block print is concerned!


Block print is synonymous with heritage and culture so a good way to create a memorable look is by accentuating the traditional elements of the look by pairing it with other similar pieces. Opt for leather khussas, delicate jhumkay, and other statement jewellery pieces to embody that “Desi Girl” aesthetic to the nines!

Ready To Wear Block Print campaign looks


Explore SAPPHIRE’s stunning Block Print suit designs now online or visit any of our stores at your earliest convenience!