Winter Fabric Guide: Light Khaddar for Moderate Temperatures

Embrace the chilly season with cosy yet trendy outfits!

Winter season is in full swing with chilly nights and dewy mornings, it is about to get even colder with the forecasted winter wave. While some regions of Pakistan face severe winter seasons, the southern regions of Pakistan still have moderate winters. That’s true, not all sweaters and khaddar dresses will work for those regions. Therefore, careful research is required to deliver to such demographics.

Pakistani fashion designers often focus on khaddar suit designs, silk dresses, and karandi outfits and make use of the luxurious velvet! However, it is essential to note that for areas with moderate temperatures, these fabrications may be too warm on the skin!

Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs

Introducing Light Khaddar

Thoughtfully curated to suit moderate winter temperatures!

SAPPHIRE has recently launched its Light Khaddar collection featuring a blend of floral and geometrical patterns in pastel and warm hues. The collection stands out because of the fabrication they have launched which is super light but warm on the same hand. Light khaddar is a lighter version of khaddar fabric that is soft, durable, and long-lasting. This fabric suits well for the regions of the south where the winter season is all about windy nights and sunny mornings.

Here is a list of exquisite pieces from Light Khaddar collection that are a must-have this season!

There is a lot that you can do with a 3-piece unstitched suit. Tailor these intricately embroidered suit designs in trending styles and elevate your style. This season, use lace detailing, buttons and embellishments to uplift your outfits.

If you are looking to style yourself in minimal possible way with light khaddar dresses then get them stitched in A-line style and pair them with straight trouser design. This timeless style can be adorned to a family dinner, a professional meeting, a friendly hangout with friends and what not! Accessorize it up or down accordingly and you have yourself an amazing outfit for the season!

Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs

This season, envelope yourself in cosy Khaddar 3-piece suit designs.

Autumnal Florals

Immerse yourself in blooming florals!

Spring may be a long gone case but blooming florals haven’t. Winter season is gloomy and that makes it more of a reason to invest in floral patterned suit designs. Autumnal florals have a unique warmth to them which makes the wearer radiate. Therefore, on top of our list, this time blooming floral 2-piee and 3-piece suit designs from Light Khaddar collection!

Etched on pastel and warm hues, these florals bring about joy and radiance in your style. These outfits are perfect for brunches, luncheon with fam or friends and even a date night with your loved ones! Get them stitched in trendy silhouettes such as straight shrit design and culottes for a 10/10 OOTD look!

Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs

Embrace your winter style with SAPPHIRE’s floral light khaddar unstitched suit designs available at Dolmen mall store.

Monochrome Madness

Strike a pose in monochrome hues!

With winters, you have a chance to flaunt the monochrome hues! Blacks, whites and greys all look graceful. Add a twist to these hues with bold and enigmatic patterns such as polka and you will outshine! This season, invest in the timeless polka patterns, they instantly elevate the wearers style and vibe. Get them stitched to your taste in short shirt design or long frock design and wear it to a family dinner, movie night or flaunt it as everyday wear to the office or college and upgrade your fashion game!

Khaddar 3-piece suit designs
Khaddar 3-piece suit designs

Black & white khaddar unstitched suit designs now available at SAPPHIRE online store.

Explore More: Velvet Shawls

This season, make room in your wardrobe for velvet shawls. These decadent pieces of cosiness are a must-have in the winter season! SAPPHIRE has recently launched its latest collection of embroidered velvet shawls each canvased in a unique colour!

Explore through SAPPHIRE’s latest velvet shawl collection and upgrade your style with just a click of a button. Online shopping in Pakistan has now become easier with online stores conveniently providing a user friendly shopping experience for customers. If you want to see for yourself the texture, the embroidered work, and how it looks on you then head over to Packages mall, Dolmen mall or Giga mall whichever is near, and experience a unique shopping experience with SAPPHIRE’s next-gen store vibes!

Pair It With

When shopping for winter wardrobe it is essential to keep in mind the accessories that you will require to elevate your outfit! This season, opt for a timeless tote bag, a handy cross body bag and upgrade your shoe collection with traditional khussas, and traditional flats. If you’re in the mood for striking a pose then invest in block heels, these will keep you comfortable all day long.

Upgrade your Winter Wardrobe with SAPPHIRE’s latest Light Khaddar Collection
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