With back-to-back events lined up around the corner, we’re all looking to bring our A-Game to the festivities. In the dazzling tapestry of the wedding season, vibrant colours, rhythmic beats, and timeless traditions create a symphony of joy. Amidst flickering lights and swirling silhouettes, each moment becomes a canvas for showcasing your unique style and personality.

This festive season, unlock the secrets of sartorial finesse and let SAPPHIRE’s Unstitched Festive II Collection be your ultimate gateway to festive splendour. From trending colours to meticulous patterns, let the intricate craftsmanship mirror the grandeur of all your special occasions, ensuring that every moment is adorned with an air of timeless elegance adding a burst of glamour and luxury to your wardrobe.

We bring to you our Edit of 2023 wedding trends and style inspiration from some of your favourite celebrities and influencers. Whether you are looking for a traditional mehndi look, a contemporary bridesmaid reception outfit or minimal glam for dholkis and intimate events, we have a look for every occasion!

So, without further ado let’s delve into the festive spirit and get inspired!

Set the perfect festive tone this season, by taking inspiration from our most recent collaboration with the extremely effervescent, endearing and renowned actress Sarah Khan. Her stellar performances have garnered her widespread acclaim. Some of her standout projects which left an indelible mark on the audience include “Sabaat” and “Mere Humdum Mere Dost”. With a career that continues to ascend Sarah Khan remains a prominent figure in the realm of Pakistani Entertainment.

This festive season, embark on a journey of dazzling magnificence as she ventures into an all-new realm with SAPPHIRE’s latest collection. Witness the epitome of style as she effortlessly embodies a spectrum of looks suited for various occasions.

Draw inspiration from all your favourite influencers, as they meticulously stylize an array of different looks from the latest festive collection. Whether you’re on the lookout for some opulent partywear ensembles or looking to infuse freshness into your closet, take cues from all your favourites and embrace the anticipation of elegant soirees with our latest arrivals.


Cheers to a season of union and jubilation, where laughter echoes and memories are as timeless as our traditions! Explore a vibrant world of fashion with SAPPHIRE and infuse your festive wardrobe with a luxurious and diverse collection with a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and prints. So #GetFestiveWithSAPPHIRE, where fashion meets celebration and make a statement with ensembles that weave together details of craftsmanship and artistry.