Blank Canvas

Heal yourself from the past and step into the future...

From living in a world where words like pandemic, quarantine and COVID-19 didn’t exist, to experiencing a world full of fear for the future, to tentatively feeling brave to welcome a new world : it has been an emotional ride!

Walking along an unknown path that seemed perilous and hopeless whilst adapting to the “new normal”, has honed our survival instincts and has made us who we are now – bold and hopeful.

And our new unstitched POP collection is just that.

Jasmyn wears our neon unstitched contemporary long jacket, with prettily edged deep pockets. The print is inspired by the traditional Sufi mausoleum craft of Multan. She has paired it with a white tank top and a pair of white denim jeans.

Jasmyn Rana is a psychotherapist and deals with people who are in emotional distress or who are simply lost and searching for a way forward on their journey.

She uses various mechanisms and techniques but believes strongly in the power of colour and how it can greatly contribute in building better mental health. She supports Sapphire’s vision behind the POP line which harnesses the power of colour to uplift and inspire.

Here Jasmyn wears our unstitched canvas two piece in richly hued bold stripes to welcome her clients into her space of tranquility and discovery.