Our Nation, Our Planet, Our Future

This Independence Day, we are launching our first Sustainable Collection. This is part of our journey at Sapphire to make fashion more sustainable and our contribution to ensure that we preserve our nation and planet for ourselves and future generations.



In 2019, we launched little by little, our ongoing sustainability project that is dedicated to making a positive change in the way we manufacture and sell our products for a greener Pakistan and a better future. Our recycled cotton seed-infused bags were launched as our first step towards sustainability and soon followed the introduction of our reusable recycled cotton bags to replace plastic shopping bags. Since then, Sapphire has continued to develop and grow its sustainable programme across the business from manufacturing to stores.

Weaving Green - Resourced,


into Someting New

Sapphire’s new Sustainable Collection, features six kurtas made from recycled cotton dyed using natural colourings. Each step of the manufacturing process is energy and water efficient and all the packaging used is biodegradable. These pieces take inspiration from the celebrated local crafts of our country and have the same attention to detail and style that Sapphire always offers. Over time the Sustainable Collection will grow in size and eventually will become a significant proportion of Sapphire’s range.





We all have to take responsibility with sustainability to ensure we safeguard our country and planet. This year Sapphire introduced the ‘Revive the Thread’ initiative that encourages customers to bring their unwanted textiles and apparel to our stores and through our advanced recycling process we can create new fabric and products. Where some see waste, we see potential and hope for a safer and greener tomorrow.

It is our nation, our planet and we all need to play our part to protect it. So join us this Independence Day and help us create a better future, little by little.