A Tale Of Intimate Weddings

In the hope of making this festive season as enchanting as ever, Sapphire unveils a curated collection to celebrate the true essence of weddings, a captivating traditional affair of two people in love! For most of us, a monumental evening with no less than a hundred people, custom couture ensembles, towering cakes, sprawling architecture and picturesque floral arrangements is how one rejoices this ceremonial affair.

Lately, times have been tough but we can always dance to the festive tales, twirl in our dreamy silhouettes and shine in our scintillating regalia to make memories that’ll last forever. Now, the only question that one poses is.

You don’t want to overdo for a daytime intimate event and you certainly wouldn’t want to look too simple that it looks like you didn’t make an effort. So, who better than a fashion diva, an exceptional makeup artist and an inspirational human being to answer this very mysterious question.

Just a glimpse on Numra Waqas’s minimal look as she uses Sapphire’s makeup products to create a timeless radiant look for both daytime and nighttime events.

To be honest, Sapphire makeup exceeded my expectations - the eye pencils and shadow sticks are really smooth and creamy. The lipsticks are pigmented but not drying and the foundation gives coverage without looking cakey! I thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the products and would recommend you all to check them out!

Numra Waqas

Numra Waqas has combined her magic with Sapphire’s Festive collection to create surreal looks that are easy to style. Guiding you head-to-toe to create the perfect wedding guest attire.

As an ode to resplendence of Mughal jewelry, Numra’s neck piece and earrings are crafted in kundan and pearls.

Here is a detailed look of the accessories, so you can be dressed to nines.