PSL Cricket Commentator wearing Sapphire West

Former makeup artist, sensational female cricket presenter, our very own style icon and now a mother, she is the modern empowered female with a bold voice in a field dominated by men. Her inspirational rise to fame in cricket broadcasting is unshakably a result of her resilience, conviction and firm refusal to be subjugated. Join us in an exclusive chat with Zainab Abbas as she takes a tour of her life’s innings!

PSL Cricket Commentator wearing a White Peplum Top from Sapphire West

Are you a sports journalist or a sports presenter?

Sports presenter!

Weren’t you a makeup artist?

I was.

What made you switch careers?

Growing up, I’ve always been extremely passionate about cricket. When the opportunity presented itself, I realized that it was something I enjoyed so much that I was willing to take it up full time. I never really thought I’d end up making a career out of it. I was going more with the flow, trying to experiment without any expectations in mind because I was not familiar with the media industry, but I enjoyed the process and managed to receive a lot of positive feedback and the rest is history!

Zainab Abbas wearing Sapphire Retail clothing brand for a shoot

What’s the best thing about your job?

I get to live my dream. I get to talk about something that I absolutely love, which I would perhaps be doing off screen as well. I’ve always been extremely fascinated with the sport and now I get to work with the best in the business. No complaints!

What’s the one thing you don’t like about your job?

Hair and makeup.

Three essential items you carry to a game?

My IFB, my research papers and my makeup bag.

GIF of cricket commentator in a white Sapphire West Top and black pants

Any pregame regime / rituals?

I like to be well-prepared before a game, so I normally review the current stats and make notes that I can go through. Other than that, I just organize my wardrobe the night before the match.

Zainab Abbas wearing a black Sapphire dress

What’s your go-to outfit for a game?

Blazer and pants.

How do you deal with a mistake made on live telecast?

I just improvise, I try and keep it natural and honest!

Pakistani Cricket commentator wearing a black dress from Sapphire West collection

Best dressed cricketer?

Shoaib Malik.

Which cricketer needs a stylist

They all do, I’m sorry!

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done in your life?

Bungee jumping at the age of 14.

What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to try but have been too scared to?

Skydiving, weirdly enough!

One piece of advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Don’t be so impulsive!!!

What’s one thing people don’t know about you?

That I am a great cook!

Zainab Abbas wearing a ladies black dress from Sapphire West

Favourite movie?

DDLJ - Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Where did you go on your last holiday?

Bodrum, it was great! Highly recommended to everyone.

Zainab Abbas PSL commentator wearing an orange button down shirt

What inspires you?

Definitely, my mom! And all the strong women out there. Women are multi-taskers and being a new mother myself I hope to manage the same.

What’s the future of women in this field?

Oh, the future is extremely bright! When I first started, there were a lot of women in local news channels but none in proper broadcast production anchoring. After doing an international gig in the form of PSL, I feel like we got the right exposure and opened up more avenues. Since then, we’ve seen an influx of women in the broadcasting panel. Sana Mir, Urooj, Marina, Roha, to name a few I believe are exceptionally talented and inspirational young ladies who are doing some phenomenal work. Coming from a non-cricket background, I hope to inspire more women to embrace unchartered territories.
Having said that, I believe THE FUTURE IS WOMEN.

Zainab Abbas Asia Cup commentator wearing a rust button down shirt with blue jeans from Sapphire West

She is the epitome of perseverance and strength whose voice and talent has been praised across borders. From watching the sport on television to representing it internationally, her dream became an iconic reality. Being a role model to young females across the nation, Zainab has proven that by replacing fear with curiosity and leveraging your strengths to deliver value, the sky is the limit!

In all her glory, Zainab is a true star on the grounds and beyond!