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About SAPPHIRE Lipsticks

If you never feel complete without a swipe of lipstick then SAPPHIRE’s hydrating lipsticks are perfect to be included in your everyday makeup routine. Give your lips definition, with our extensive range of lipsticks that will instantly make your lips appear fuller, plump and soft.

A good lipstick is a staple that is truly transformative giving you a more refined and put-together look. Our lipsticks are made with a creamy formulation which feels weightless on the lips.

The shade variation offers plenty of rich colours to choose from. All lipsticks layer on beautifully creating a gorgeous satin-like finish suitable for every occasion. You can top it off with some gloss for extra sheen or apply SAPPHIRE Lip Butter to lock in extra hydration.

The creamy texture is buildable and doesn’t feel or look heavy on the lips and the subtle velvety finish in the end looks sophisticated. No matter how long you wear SAPPHIRE lipsticks, your lips won't dry out due to the premium quality lightweight formulation.

Available Shade Range

SAPPHIRE lipsticks are available in an extensive shade range featuring neutrals and vibrant pops of colour with truly unique undertones, offering something for everyone. The soft tip of the lipstick makes it perfect for application. A small quantity goes a long way so you can use your favourite lipstick for a considerably long amount of time!

The non-sticky feel of these won’t make your lips feel chappy but rather would hydrate upon application. Our high-pigmented formulae offer a colour payoff which doesn’t dry out or leave lips feeling cracked or flakey giving a subtle matte finish that amazingly complements every foundation shade of yours.

The end result will give your lips a long-lasting blended soft and moist feel!

Lipstick Shade Finder

When you want to jazz up your look, a swipe of lipstick is just what you need. You can go bold, bright, bold or neutral depending upon your skin tone and even personal choice with our lipstick shades. Either way, having the right lip colors can easily elevate your makeup game. Create gorgeous lipstick shades and transform your look with our ultimate lip colours perfect for every occasion.

Shades of Pink

A good girly pink shade is truly hard to find! SAPPHIRE brings you classic and feminine shades of pink that will provide you with a youthful look. Year in and year out pink definitely remains the most popular shade. SAPPHIRE Lipsticks bring you different kinds of pink: from blush pink to bright, soft and peachy pinks the options are endless.

Shades of Neutrals

Neutrals are a great way to make your makeup look more put together depending upon whether you are using the right shade. SAPPHIRE offers a range of different neutral coloured lip shades that will suit every skin tone and undertone as well.

Shades of Orange & Red

Nothing beats a classic bright red lip! SAPPHIRE explores different shades of red with a tinge of subtle orange shades that are bound to make you feel and look revitalized. Explore our various different power shades depending on your skin tone.

Shades of Brown

If you are striving to achieve the perfect glowy look then we recommend you browse through our various shades of brown. Available in multiple colourways, make a classic statement with our signature shades.

Which Lipstick Suits My Skin Tone?

The best way to know which lipstick suits you the best is to first identify your skin tone. Browsing through the various lipstick shades online can be daunting which is why knowing your shades helps in finding your lip colour faster.  But regardless of this, you can select any lipstick you want based on what you gravitate towards.  

For cool undertones, try opting for more fresh and brighter colours as it will provide you with a more glowy appearance. Shades like Ballerina, Eternal and Euphoria to name a few will instantly give you a youthful appearance. Peachy pink shades will also give your look a more natural and flushed look.

For warmer undertones, we suggest going for subdued and bold colours that will make you look more rejuvenated and exuberant. Shades like Serendipity, Valentine and Darling will make you look striking and simply ravishing.

For neutral undertones with a warmer skin base colour, look out for colours that are in contrast. Lipstick colours like Gaze, Elixir, and Epiphany are perfect to make you stand apart feeling exultant.

At the end of the day always remember, that you can make any colour look great on you as long as you are feeling it! Our lipstick shade range has multiple different shades according to your personal style.

How to Apply?

For the best application take inspiration from our step-by-step guide to achieve those perfectly bright and beautifully plush lips that last all day long.

1.  Hydrate your lips with SAPPHIRE’s Lip Butter before applying the desired shade of lipstick. Make sure to properly moisturize your lips with our butter making your lips soft and supple.

2.  Outline your lips with SAPPHIRE’s Lip crayon to give them a definition and proper shape. Make sure to outline both the inner and outer sides of your lips for a definite shape.

3.  Gently apply the lipstick of your choice to your lips. Blend it in by dabbing your lips with your fingers.

4.  If you want a shiny look, use our liquid lip shades. They will give your lips a glossier, and plump appearance.

5.  Reapply whenever you feel the need to freshen it up. Although our lipsticks have a formulation that ensures a long-lasting finish.


    SAPPHIRE lipsticks are carefully packed securing the bullet lipstick from all ends. Packaged in a lightweight material the packaging is perfect to prevent external damage and high temperatures.    

    Handle and Care

    1.  Make sure to store your lipsticks in a cool and dry place.

    2.  Keep the liquid lip shade clean by keeping them capped and covered.

    3.   Lipsticks can last up to twelve months after being opened so make sure to keep them away from external contaminants.