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Basic Abaya

Basic Abaya

Basic Abaya

Basic Abaya

Women's Basic Black Full Length Arabic Abbaya

Basic Abaya


A versatile range of abayas and hijabs in exquisite fabrics and subdued hues to maintain a balance between comfort and practicality.

About Modest Wear

Modest fashion essentially refers to garments or a way of dressing that reveals minimal skin and offers full coverage to cater to a personal aesthetic, cultural significance or religious practices. The world of modest wear has evolved over the years and has now become a global phenomenon. It is no longer seen merely as conservative apparel. This dressing aesthetic has been recognized in the mainstream fashion industry and women across the globe have embraced the fluidity, coverage and comfort of the minimalistic silhouette. Dressing modestly does not mean compromising on style. A wide variety of contemporary designs, fabrics and colours have been developed to carry this culturally significant garment with a modern twist while keeping in touch with your roots and traditions. Sapphire offers a complete range of meticulously crafted Abaya designs, Hijabs and Chaddars for online shopping in Pakistan. Fashioned with the highest quality fabrications and available in a wide range of colours, cuts, and designs, there is an array of options to choose from. Excellently tailored, our modest clothing pieces create the perfect balance between style, comfort and practicality for every occasion. Our modest wear range is also an optimal choice Hajj and Umrah

What are some examples of Modest Clothing?

1. Abayas

The Abaya has evolved from a stiff black cloak to an elegant lightweight garment with a fluid drape, available in diverse tones and silhouettes. It adds a flair for functional layering to your look to personify elegance and grace. Tailored into a variety of silhouettes, Sapphire’s modest wear abayas are our best sellers. They are available in plethora of designs with extra attention paid to detailing. Finished with hand embellishments, embroidered motifs, pleats, detailed hemlines, laser cut designs and lace details these pieces can be used to create trendy looks. Our long sleeve double layered diamante embellished abaya design is perfect for party wear and festivities, while our kaftan style abaya can add that contemporary touch to your everyday look. For a lazy day out, stay comfy in T-shirts, blouses, leggings, shirt dresses, hoodies and sweaters with our full coverage flowy abayas. However, if you want to ensure that your dress design gets the right visibility at weddings or occasions, opt for the front-open abaya style and create a fashion trend . Pair our abaya designs with a matching Hijab or Chaddar to complete the look!

2. Hijabs

Our bespoke Hijabs for women are made with breathable and fluid fabrics that are perfect for those hot summer days and a flawless drape. We have a wide range of neutral shades and rich vibrant hues to pair with matching abayas or any outfit. Whether you want to elevate your look or keep it simple, we have something you will love! Make a style statement with different hijab styles that complement your face shape to create a new look each time! Opt for a loose draped wrap for an effortless easy breezy look or tight wrap for a sleek graceful appeal. For a more contemporary outlook, create a turban head scarf look. To complete your look with some extra bling, add accessories such as embellished broaches, colourful pins or statement earrings keeping your choices as basic or extravagant as you like!

3. Chaddars

SAPPHIRE’S exclusive range of Chaddars are available in a wide variety of colours that you can envelope yourself in. Featuring soft muted tones and regal classic hues, these chaddars can be draped over your head with festive dresses, maxis or daily clothes, and can be used as a dupatta. With delicate details and luxurious designs, our chaddars provide effortless elegance in addition to coverage.

4. Abaya Sets

We also offer our hijabs and abayas in value sets, which includes an abaya with a matching hijab. Available in a wide range of designs, these co-ord sets provide a hassle-free experience to create looks for any occasion. These matching separates can also be paired with pieces from your existing wardrobe.

About Modest Wear Fabrics

SAPPHIRE aims to produce premium quality products with fine fabrics that last long and provide maximum functionality. We believe that breathability of the cloth is highly essential for Abayas & Hijabs to avoid discomfort and suffocation. Explore our thoughtfully curated selection of materials that are airy, light and offer the perfect drape and fall while offering the perfect coverage.


Our Chiffon- a gauze-like fabric from the Modest Wear line is non-transparent and has a floating and shimmery nature. The light weight fabric is a breezy and an optimal choice for warmer locations. Our chiffon and viscose hijabs for women come in a variety of colours to cater to your personal style.


Most of our Modest Wear products are produced using Nida fabric. Owing to its light weight, soft texture, and luxurious feel Nida fabric is widely used in the making of Abayas and Hijabs for women. it is a fine, soft textured cloth made from 100% polyester. The fabric has a crease-resistant quality that requires little to no ironing therefore, it is the perfect choice for everyday use and even formal occasions. It is easy to care for and comes in a range of colours and styles for women who want to cover themselves yet stay breezy all day long.

Care & Handle

Our Modest Wear line is curated from durable and high quality fabrics that are easy to care for and will save you the hassle of professional dry cleaning. To increase longevity of the products, we recommend to hand wash the abaya sets, hijabs and chaddars with lukewarm water. It is suggested to use a mild detergent to keep the fabrics, stitching and colours of the garment intact. In case of machine wash, we advise you to mesh wrap to protect the delicate garment. Post-wash, it is advised to air dry the products using a drying rack or stand or a clothesline outdoors. We would recommend to avoid using a dryer as it is harsh on the fabrics. Follow these simple steps and our Modest Wear pieces will last you for seasons to come!

Tailoring & Fit

Our versatile range of ready to wear Hijabs, Abayas and chaddars are professionally stitched to standardized measurements in order to ensure a graceful fit and proper coverage for all body types and heights. Our abayas are available in regular and loose fits varying upon the choice of fabric and silhouette. In order for the modest dresses to fit best, explore our well devised size guide and select your true fit! We have all your wishlist items at affordable and regular prices in our latest modest wear collections Choose your favourites from our new arrivals, add to your shopping cart and checkout!

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